Where To Take Your Dog For A Nice Walk In Chicago

When you are in Chicago and you have a pet dog to walk, it gets a little challenging to identify a new location in this city. Your pet dogs need exercise to keep healthy. The same location, day after day, can bore your pooch and yourself as well. Trying out new spots in Chicago is not only fresh and exciting for your pet dog but also for you.

Let’s take a look at some refreshing locations in Chicago where you can take your dog for a nice walk.


This Park is spread across 6-acres of land, which has open green and wide spaces along with a botanical garden and a dog park. The dog park will help your pooch to see other pet dogs and have his/her space. There’s a supply of freshwater for drinking for your pet. It is, therefore, voted as the best new park and best open space within Chicago. Let your dog play around in Dog Park without any hesitation while you can keep an eye on as the park is fenced and safe for your dog.


If you are looking for a blend of the dog walk and window shopping for yourself, then heading to the Magnificent Mile is a very good option. This is a shopping district that has stores like Giorgio Armani, Burberry, and Cartier amongst some other stores. Walking up and down the Michigan Avenue strolling across mid-range to high-end stores will keep both you and your pooch happy. However, avoid weekends as it gets a little crowded at this time.


This beach is smaller sized, but yet the best spot for a dog walk. It is located along the Belmont Harbor waterfront in Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago. You will find other dogs here, and so your pet can run along and socialize. It has two entries that are gated, so no worries of your pooch running off the park.


It is also known as the lakefront playground of Chicago. It is a location that is dog-friendly, and so you can walk around with your pooch. Some restaurants are dog friendly, too, so that you can grab a bite with your pet. Walk down and around the pier to enjoy the sights. The southern dock area offers sufficient walking area for your dog. It extends to 2k feet long. It has restaurants, shops, and amazing Lake View and city skyline.


This trail extends to about 18 miles all through Chicago. This trail provides an amazing view of the city’s skyscrapers and Lake Michigan. Stop at dog-friendly spots and parks that are along this trail. You can relax with your dog watching nature’s spectacular views and cityscape along with everything along the trail.


This beach gives your pet a little exercise. Go off-leash and let your pet play and socialize with other dogs. If it knows and like water, it can have a little fun getting into the water and cool itself off. Your pet is sure to love it.


The above spots of Chicago provide the best time and space for your pooch to take a walk, enjoy the views, and splash a little. With other pups and dogs around, your pooch is sure to enjoy its walk. Take it off-leash wherever possible and let your pet dog run along or walk along to its heart’s content. This will make the pooch physically healthy and mentally happy.

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