Why Designer Clothes Are So Expensive

Buying clothes is an enjoyable experience for most people because they tend to see multiple designs and styles when it comes to shirts, t-shirts and so other things, however, you sure end surprised when you get to know the price of some designer clothes, they can be pretty expensive in most occasions! But why is this even possible? Well, there are some reasons behind this enigma, and to discover the answer to this question you need to stay tuned for the next explanations.


To understand the reasons behind this attitude of the designers, you need to understand the basic of the fashion industry, in this way, everything will be simpler and easy to understand the point, but to make it even simpler, you just need to check the next measures that are the reason why this designer’s clothes are so expensive and why they can left you broke even when we are talking about a “basic” shirt.


The principal why these clothes are so expensive is because designers take their time and effort to create brand new designs that could catch the attention of multiple customers around the world, for example, some famous designers can take months to decide if their design is good enough to be sold at that price, so it can b said that you are not only paying for something to wear, you are principally paying the time and effort of the designer, the energy and sweat that was spent in this endeavor is something that makes this luxury clothes to be so expensive even among premium products in the fashion industry.


This can be pretty obvious because when you are paying for something that expensive you can expect the best quality materials available in the current market, and indeed, that is what you will be receiving after your purchase. Designers do care about the quality of their products, otherwise, they would just sell them as regular clothes in multiple stores of the world, right? So, top quality material costs a lot of money for the designer and company behind the production of it, so at the end of the day, they need to raise the prices to see some profit at the end of the month with the brand new designs.


Unlike common and simple clothes companies, designers tend to manufacture their products close to their home, not in bigger warehouses in countries like China or India, which means that they will have to waste more money on the making process, and even so, the amount of quantities of the clothes is not the biggest, so, when the quantities are low even for regular levels, prices will go up as a response to start manufacturing more clothes without losing the profit of the procedure, a very ingenious way of maintaining the quality of the products while gaining some money.


Since they are working with top quality products, an outstanding marketing campaign will be needed to catch the attention of multiple customers at the same time and to maintain the competence worried about brand new products that could end with their profit. For that reason, marketing costs are pretty high in the fashion industry because, with the amount of competition that exists, designers want to be at the top of the market and to achieve that they need to break into people’s mind with some good marketing that could produce a reaction in the customer’s mind that will make it purchase the product, it works like that, so it’s not strange to see higher prices on clothes with those previous measures, everything is a strategy.

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