Best Things To See In A Short Trip To Chicago

If you are in Chicago for a few days, better make the most out of it. One thing you must do would be to go up the Willis Tower Skydeck. The view from above is tremendous and you would want to take a lot of pictures. If you love views, this is certainly the place to be. You won’t believe how high you are. In fact, you are so high that you will think you are on an airplane going somewhere but you are actually at a pretty tall building. As expected, those who are afraid of heights would want to think twice before going to this place. It may make you nervous about what is going to happen next. Also, bring the entire family to Navy Pier where there rides and loads of great selections for food. You won’t notice how fast time flies when you are in this place. The kids will surely have a great time but don’t worry because there is always something for everyone to do. Better bring your walking shoes though as the place is huge so you would not want to be left behind doing something else when you can be doing another. Those who want to try Chicago specialties have come to the right place. The prices may be a bit high but you will certainly get your money’s worth. The food sellers here are confident of what they are selling and they won’t hesitate to invite you to try what they are selling. Also, check out some fantastic artworks at the Art Institute of Chicago. Some of the masterpieces there were made by students who are studying there. They are pretty talented that you will think they were made by some famous artists from the other part of the globe.

Millennium Park is another place to go to for a few hours. If you like skating, there is an ice skate rink there for all ages. You can spend a lot of time practicing your balance there and see if you are up to that. The park is a great place to go to for people who are still new to dating. There are a lot of great choices for food and drinks here too so you can’t blame yourself if you want to try everything there is to buy there. Chicago is not known as the windy city for anything. If you love sports, you can check out the schedule of the local sports teams there. There is always the statue of Michael Jordan at the United Center so you can relieve his glorious playing days from when he was playing for the Bulls. Chicago has a lot of sports teams for the NFL, NHL, and MLB other than the NBA. Thus, there is a lot to watch when you like to watch sports and you will definitely come across a local who would want to tell you all about any of them and you will be glad to hear their stories.

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