It’s easy to get swept up in all the dresses, flirty flowers and fancy feminine details surrounding a wedding, at least for the bride.  Luckily, Peter and I were surrounded by a great group of guys to keep us grounded!  Long before Peter and I were engaged, or even dating for that matter, I always knew I’d want to find a way to incorporate my childhood best friends, Scottie, Nick, Steve and Jeff, into my wedding.  We met back in the day at the neighborhood swim club, most of us still in the baby pool, and have stuck together ever since.  Luckily, over the years Peter has become just as close with the guys as I am.  We even laugh, that these days they might like Peter more than me.  Needless to say, it was really important to Peter and I that they be in our wedding party, but we also had our own sets of bridesmaids and groomsmen, so we made them ushers, with my best friend Greg being my Man of Honor.  To thank them for being such an important part of our big day and my life, I gave them each a set of cufflinks with the longitude and latitude of the neighborhood swim club, where we all grew up together.  Surprisingly this only brought one of them to tears… that I know of!

Along with all the dapper dudes in our wedding party making me laugh and keeping me sane, my Dad and brother were my go-to-guys the day of our wedding.  Seeing as I’m the only girl in our family, and my brother is 6 years younger, this was the first wedding for us.  Obviously there was a bit of a learning curve for everybody when we entered the crazy world of weddings, especially when it came to tuxedo studs- see above, but The Don’s (My Dad is Don and my brother is Donnie) took it all in stride and were my rocks, as always!

Needless to say, after years of me trying to paint his nails and call him “Donna” growing up, Donnie is pretty excited to finally have Peter as a brother!

Shortly after meeting Peter in college my suspicions that he was a great guy were quickly confirmed when I realized what an amazing group of friends he surrounded himself with.  Years after graduation it was so special to have so many of his awesome (not to mention hilarious) friends, both from college and high school, travel to Chicago for our wedding.

Now I might be biased, but I think anyone who was at our wedding would agree when I say that Peter’s Best Man, Graham, and my Man of Honor, Greg, knocked their speeches out of the park!  Graham joked about the absurd amount of time he and Peter spent together in college (they lived together, played lacrosse together, joined a fraternity together) and Greg joked about how he was not in fact the groom, despite being frequently mistaken for my fiance… despite the fact that I’m not exactly his type… female.  He brought down the house!  Both speeches were heartfelt, hilarious, and perhaps most importantly- the appropriate length!

My Dad and I decided to do our Father/Daughter dance to one of my favorite songs God Only Knows by The Beach Boys.  However I was not prepared for him to bust out some formal ballroom dancing steps when I was counting on just swaying back and forth while slowly turning in circle.  I think we ended up meeting somewhere in the middle!

We knew we needed someone to officiate our ceremony, and someone to keep the dance party going… so boy did we luck out that Fr. Jerry was the guy for both jobs!  He’s the priest where Sam and I go to law school, and Peter and I were so lucky to have him celebrate our wedding with us.

While we can’t say enough good things about the wonderful band that played our wedding, it was really important to Peter and I that we get our musically inclined friends in on the act.  My cousin’s husband “Pontiac Pete” is the lead singer of a band back in Michigan, so he serenaded us with a little Burning Love by Elvis and What I Like About You by The Romantics.  It was awesome!  One of Peter’s best friends, Alex, then appealed to our classic rock sensibilities by rocking out to VooDoo Child on the guitar.

Our great group of guys wouldn’t have been complete with out Peter’s amazing cousins and groomsmen, Brooks and Parker, who are always good for a laugh… or 20!  They were a huge part of our wedding weekend, which was only appropriate since they’ve been a huge part of our relationship.  It wasn’t until we were going through Instagram photos the day after the wedding that we discovered they had tracked down our thank you sign from pictures and taken it upon themselves to casually send our guests off at the end of the night, while casually polishing off their drinks.  Hilarious!

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