In the continued effort to share the highlights and inspirations from my recent wedding without turning this into anything that might resemble a “wedding blog”… I give you- our second Wedding Wednesday feature!

This week I couldn’t wait to share some of my favorite photos of our wedding party, specifically my ‘maids, with you!

Now you might notice that ‘one of these things is not like the other’… and that’s because there was no way I was going to leave my best friend Greg out of my wedding line up due to the fact that sequin dresses aren’t his thing (at least in public).  While Greg and my now husband, Peter, are very close,  I also wasn’t about to let him get stolen away to the groomsmen side.  So instead, he served as my “Man of Honor”.  While overall our wedding was pretty traditional, I wasn’t going to let traditions stand between us and doing what felt right.  There was no way I was going to get married without my best friend Greg standing right next to me, so that’s exactly what we did!

[Left to Right: Samantha, Ashleigh, Stephanie, Amelia, Michelle, Janiece, Katie]

Along with Greg, I had six beautiful bridesmaids.  You all know Sam, who was joined by two of our other best girlfriends from law school, Katie and Ashleigh, then three of my best friends from college, University of Michigan- where Peter and I met, rounded out my gang of gals.  One of of my favorite design elements of our wedding were their dresses which were by Tadashi Shoji, and just purchased off the rack at Nordstrom- so easy!  Think the dresses look familiar?  Maybe this is why.

Both the bridesmaids and I topped off our dresses with custom C/FAN furs.  They were perfect for the chilly December day, and made a great gift for me to give the girls.  Plus, it was fun finding ways to incorporate different Chicago designers into our very Chicago celebration.

As far as bridesmaids bouquets went… all I had to do was show Janessa from Forget Me Knodt a single picture of the dresses and she captured the style perfectly with these darling arrangements!

My ‘maids (and Man of Honor) along with the groom’s gents, during photos at Union Station.

I can’t talk about our amazing wedding party without mentioning our littlest friends!  My friend and former coworker’s three ADORABLE kids helped us out as flower girls and ring bearers for the big day!  LeeAnn, their mom, and I always love finding a good bargin, but I think we really outdid ourselves when we found the flower girl dresses!  They were from the Target x Neiman Marcus collection that was in stores last year.  That’s right, I bought the flower girls dresses while I was grocery shopping at Target, and they couldn’t have been more beautiful!

There were so many amazing parts of our wedding day, but Peter and I agree that having our best friends and family make up the most amazing wedding party was one of the best highlights of not only the day, but the whole wedding planning process! We were so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people, and so much love on our big day!

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  1. So great to see these Amelia and definitely one of the best bridesmaids dresses of 2013 !

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