• Birch Box- The gift that keeps on giving!  For just $10 a month Birch Box is a subscription service that puts a box filled with the latest beauty products (in generous sample sizes) on your door step once a month.  Gift subscriptions are available for 3, 6, or 12 months, which ensure she’ll be thinking of you long after Valentine’s Day ends.
  • LilyGene Heart Prints- We’ve been obsessed with these adorable prints longer than we’ve been blogging.  The perfectly sentimental gift, as you pick the state (or country) and location of the heart- think hometown, favorite vacation spot, first meeting, etc.  You customize both the color of the background and the heart making it a personal (and affordable) gift option for any occasion.
  • The Big Book Of Chic- We have this Miles Redd book on our coffee tables, and we can assure you that your lady would love to also.  It’s filled with gorgeous photos of all things chic.  Bonus points since it’s red in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.
  • J.Crew Etta Satin Toe Pumps- Our best gift giving tip is to go for something the person probably wouldn’t splurge on for themselves… enter these hot pink satin pumps.  Are they practical?  No.  Will she love them so much more than all her practical shoes? Absolutely!
  • Diptique Pink Rose Duet Candle- From our absolute favorite candle company, in our favorite scent (it smells just like freshly cut roses), in a limited edition color?  Yes, please!
  • Alexander McQueen Pleated Skull Print Scarf- We’re loving the idea of celebrating this traditionally mushy-gushy Hallmark holiday with skulls… in pink, of course!
  • The Sriracha Cookbook- Heat things up this Valentine’s Day with this extra spicy cookbook using everybody’s favorite “rooster sauce” in each recipe.  Don’t forget to include a bottle of Sriracha in your gift wrapping.
  • Lifeproof iPhone Case- Your man will love how this extra durable case keeps his phone safe from the elements!  He’s more of an indoor guy?  He’ll love showing off to his friends while his phone swims safely in his beer mug.
  • Monogrammed Forged Steak Brand- Ladies love their monograms, men love their meat… let’s meet in the middle for some personalized steaks!
  • Nike Vintage Collection Sneakers- We love a man in new sneakers, he’ll love the throw back style.  Be extra cute and order them in red for your Valentine.
  • Bittercube- A package of carefully crafted and expertly flavored bitters made here in the Midwest, delivered to your door with cocktail recipes included.  Let your lover concoct some delicious new libations.
  • Latitude + Longitude Cufflinks- We love these crafty custom cufflinks.  Choose a location that’s special to the two of you, and have the latitude of the location engraved on one cufflink, while the longitude gets engraved on the other.  Leave him to look up the coordinates and decode the special spot!

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22 Responses to Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

  1. TGFRL says:

    Love these ideas ladies! I adore my Birchbox and I think I might get Mr. TGFRL the Guys one for Valentine’s Day so he doesn’t keep getting jelly of my monthly mini swag!

  2. essentjewels says:

    I love the map of MI, and you can’t go wrong with cuff links my husband is all about them.

  3. I’m wary of these monthly subscription box services, and other beauty bloggers have mixed or negative opinions about Birchbox.

    • thechicagolifeblog says:

      It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a fun little package for $10. I would definitely recommend going with the 3 month subscription instead of the 6 or 12…

  4. Joy says:

    I love the hot pink satin toe pumps. I would never wear them but would love having them!

  5. Kory says:

    Great ideas! I completely agree that Birchbox is a fabulous gift idea. I have a subscription, and I look forward to getting my box all month.

  6. avecelan says:

    I don’t have a Valentine this year, le sigh, so I will just get myself that candle. I love Diptyque, Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

  7. Alyssa says:

    These are such great ideas! I might buy myself a Diptyque candle for Valentine’s Day!

  8. Love these ideas! You can never go wrong with sriracha :)

  9. drsusieg says:

    All the things in your post are things we’d love…thanks for the inspiration!

  10. My brother loves his branding iron for his steaks..men! lol

  11. Lau says:

    Love the ideas! Happy Valentine!

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