Hi, There!  Or rather- Should I just say Hi Mom?  In case she’s the only one who’s been bearing with this little blog through some sparse posting over the past couple of weeks.  If you’ve been following along on Instgram, you might have realized that the blog has been slow because my husband and I have been busy moving to a new apartment, doing some renovations in the process, and trying to beg Comcast to come set up our internet. The good news is things will be returning to normal this week, as we’re now in our new place (still in Chicago, still downtown), renovations are largely done (we’re still in one piece, as is the place), and we now have internet (it only took 10+ hours on the phone and 2 weeks for Comcast to send a guy out)… but, I digress.

Moving from our old apartment was very sentimental and even seemed implausible at times before we fell in love with our new place.  We have so many great memories at the old place- getting engaged, bringing home our second puppy, getting married, dinners with friends, holidays, house guests, etc.  When we first decided to move, I was so thankful that the apartment had been featured on The Everygirl last year, and that I would have photos of the place to cherish forever.  However, I started to realize how many things in the apartment we’d changed in the year since it was photographed for The Everygirl and decided to do one last round of photos to capture the final evolution of the place.  In the three years we lived there moving furniture around seems to have been our favorite pastime… So, here’s one last look at where we used to live…


[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]



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28 Responses to This is Where We Used to Live

  1. Amazing! I hope your transition to your new place has nearly finished + I can only imagine how epic the new place will look :)

    Out of curiosity, did you rent or buy this apartment? Did you rent or buy your new apartment? My husband and I are scouting places to live in Chicago for our move next year and there’s definitely a lot to choose from! :O

    • thechicagolifeblog says:

      Thank you, Victoria! Over the years we’ve both rented and owned in Chicago- there’s lots of great neighborhoods and no shortage of amazing places. Best of luck with your search!

  2. Ryan says:

    What a beautiful home! I love Chicago and miss it so much! Living vicariously through you is so fun!

  3. Christine says:

    Where did you find the LOVE print? I LOVE it!

    • thechicagolifeblog says:

      Thank you! I believe it’s from Potterybarn, but I’ve had it for years. Maybe try etsy for something similar?

  4. Hello! I love your eating nook. Would you happen to know the dimensions of the table and benches? We’d love to emulate in our home in Philadelphia. Thank you!

  5. Toni Roesslein says:

    I love your blog and have been following you for a while! Where did you get the slim aarons print? I am looking for an affordable way to get some statement art on my walls.

    • thechicagolifeblog says:

      Thanks for reading, Toni! So, the Slim Aarons print is actually our big investment piece in terms of decor. It’s from Jonathan Adler, and something we plan on having forever. But all our other art is very budget friendly! I’m a big fan of Etsy (I love looking for vintage oil paintings- they’re usually a steal!), printing large photos at Walgreens, framing wallpaper/wrapping paper samples, and in our new apartment we picked up some huge canvases from Michael’s and had fun painting our own black and white “abstract” art (http://instagram.com/p/uv-OT-GRIt/?modal=true). Hope that helps! xx

  6. Renee Murphy says:

    I love the dark wallpaper in the bathroom. Do you know the pattern of where did you get it?

  7. Ginny Hannan says:

    Oh my goodness. The eating nook is gorgeous! Where did you get the benches? Thanks!

    • thechicagolifeblog says:

      Thank you! My dad built them for us. :)

      • Megan says:

        Did your Dad make your cushions too? Any info on them that would help me make some? Thank you!

        • thechicagolifeblog says:

          Hi Megan, we had an upholsterer make the cushions. The fabric is just white duck cloth from Joann’s that I handed over along with measurements, and they did the rest. If you purchase your own foam from a craft store a dry cleaner might even be able to sew a simple cover for you. Hope that helps!

  8. Maggie says:

    I love the dining chairs. Could you tell me where you purchased them? Or the manufacturer?

    Thanks so much.

  9. keli22o says:

    Hi, Where is the console table from? Think it would work perfectly to store books as you have it in my new home. Thank you!

  10. Robbie says:

    Hi, I love the leaf wall paper in the bathroom! I have seriously considered using it in our small powder room but have been discouraged by my sisters. Did you or others find it overwhelming in a small space or were you happy with it? I look forward to hearing your opinion. Thanks!

    • thechicagolifeblog says:

      Hi Robbie, I was nervous about the same thing but absolutely LOVED it! Everyone did! One thing I did to break up the pattern a bit (and save some money in case I got tired of it) was put white trim around the room as a chair rail, then we only wallpapered from the trim up and painted everything below white. It really lightened things up, especially since there’s no window in the room. You could also try just one wall? Or I’ve always wanted to have a white room with that wallpaper on the ceiling! Hope that helps.

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