1| St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub 2| OLAY Total Effects Nourishing Cream Cleanser 3| OLAY Complete Sensitive Skin Face Moisturizer 4| Yes To Cucumber Soothing Facial Toilettes 5| Alba Very Emollient Body Lotion – All available at Target.

I’ve never been great at sticking to a skin care regimen, but the simple steps I learned while watching The Doctors (I was a law school delinquent that day skipping class) has kept me focused. They were promoting a brand of skin care and I merely stole the basic premise: exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize.

The rational conversation they had piqued my logical mind’s interest (except for the expensive brand part). They discussed how in order to keep skin healthy you need to first scrape away the dead skin and dirt; then you clean out the exposed pores with a gentle cleanser and finally moisturize your skin to replace any lost moisture. The products above are ones that I’ve found work for my skin and smell nice at the same time.

I’ve also included the cucumber wipes I use to remove my makeup at night. I’ve read that is the most important step (yet the hardest for me to follow), but these wipes give you no excuse as one wipe can take off all your make-up.

We also can’t ignore the rest of the body. I decidedly choose my body lotion based on smell and thickness. I find the thicker the lotion the more nurturing to my skin. I showed the Alba lotion from Target above which has a great light floral scent, but I also very much enjoy Dead Sea Essentials by Ahava (also at Target) as well when my skin is needing a little extra love.

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7 Responses to The Skinny on Skin Care

  1. glow47 says:

    Tried most of these products, though they do clean the surface dirt. they’ll not good for long term usage. bottom line is you need something that will help prevent as well as stop current damage. this is why i stand behind the Avon lines. They really do work well.

  2. headrebelle says:

    I never really use a skin care regimen , because everything that I’ve tried either dries out my skin or makes it too oily .I guess over the weekend I may try to pick up these items, thanks for the skin care advice.

  3. Diana says:

    Love Yes products. My faves are the cucumber mask and blueberry cleansing facial wipes.

  4. soniagazzelloni says:

    As opposed to giant brands I found the best of all for price and quality is “L’Erbolario”, I ‘don’t know if they sell outside Italy but I tried some samples and OMG, I just started looking for a job so I could affort the aloe vera face cream (which bytheway it is only 16 euros, but I was broke ahah)

  5. Mimi Ruleta says:

    I just tried the Yes to Cucumbers wipes, and I ADORE them.

  6. I love the apricot scrub, I feel like I’m really cleaning away dirt when I use it. I’ll have to check out the cream cleansers/moisturizers as well as the makeup wipes, I’m still trying to find a makeup wipe I love!


  7. My esthetician recommended the ‘Basis’ bar to me for cleansing. I picked up the liquid version the other day and I am loving it so far! Good Post :)

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