It’s no secret that I love to collect things for our home.  One of my favorite things to collect is blue chinoisere china.  You can see parts of my collection in this post, as well as over here.  I also love to collect brass candlesticks, cordial glasses, various salad plates, vintage paintings (some of which are shown below) and more.  Yes, acquiring more storage space is a topic that’s always top of mind.

So when my friends at Randolph Street Market reached out with a fun little vintage shopping challenge, I couldn’t resist!  I was given $100, which goes a long way in most parts of the market, to either start or add to an existing collections of mine.  So, on Saturday I headed over to the market- husband and baby in tow.  We shopped, feasted on empanadas, caught up with friends AND found one of our best vintage finds to date- a sold brass tiger from Beehive Chicago’s booth, that could very well be the beginning of some sort of brass menagerie collection.  I also scored a beautiful little blue and white ginger jar to add to the chinoiserie collection.  You can check out my finds, as well as a sneak peek of our new kitchen, here and here.  If you’re in Chicago mark your calendar for the next Randolph Street Market on March 19-20th.

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