Today we’re chatting with one of the busiest women we know!  Lily Duevel is one of Chicago’s top stylists and she still lets us use her as a contributor and event director from time to time.  Though she has only lived in Chicago for a short time (she and Amelia are from the same hometown but never really crossed paths until the Windy City), Lily has surpassed anyone’s predictions that failure would be in her future. She has founded her own styling company, adoptedSTYLE, signed on board as Cheeky Chicago’s Fashion & Lifestyle Sales Director, compiles Style Spotlights for My Daily Find Chicago, will be launching her own fundraising company come January 2014, and of course, executes amazing events for our marvelous followers when we can convince her to tackle yet another project.

It is no secret that this fashionista has a lot to juggle, so we wanted to get down and dirty to find out the ins and outs of her every day, how she keeps it all together and what else she has planned for her near future.

For those trying to break into the Fashion industry, what would you recommend?

I would tell each and every one of them to never give up. Stay proactive and get your foot in the door early. A lot of people think that the fashion industry is an exact replica of “The Devil Wears Prada” which is completely untrue. Sure, there are times you might have to go on a coffee run (I am a Sales Director and I still go get coffee for my team, it’s called being nice!) or days where you thought you were going to leave the office at 5pm and don’t get to leave until 9pm, but there are always unexpected occurrences in life and trust me, if you keep a positive attitude and never give up, it will all be worth it one day.

What inspired you to break into such a competitive industry?

My mother use to style and produce fashion shows for local boutiques. When I was a little girl I use to get to help her backstage and truly admired the intensity, hard work and excitement that took place. It honestly felt like magic and I knew that one day I wanted to be just like her.

So I have to ask…how do you have time for all of the things you’re involved in? Do you even sleep at night?!

Haha! I like to joke that “I never sleep at night” but the truth is, I sleep A LOT! I am a true believer that if you don’t get a good night’s rest you will be miserable the next day; and not just feeling wise, for everyone else around you, too! In terms of balancing different jobs, roles and things I’m passionate about, it really varies day to day. Sometimes I’m out selling events and campaigns for Cheeky Chicago, the next day I’m interviewing someone for My Daily Find Chicago, and some weeks I’m missing in action getting ready to produce & style a 30-look fashion show. I make it a personal priority to fit in time for anything & everything that I’m passionate about.

Does this mean that you make sure to set aside enough time to enjoy a personal life?

Definitely! I love going out to dinner with my girlfriends, doing brunch at new hot spots on the weekend, and I ALWAYS make time for my best friends…especially my dog, Kingston!

How would you describe your style?

I’d say classic with a pinch of unpredictability. I tend to stick with the classics, as well as whatever I’m comfortable in, with a little bit of flare. Usually the “flare” consists of lots of accessories {I am obsessed with your Sterling & Burke bag by the way!} or a trendy scarf. However, recently I’ve been trying out red lips, which is a total change for me!

Does your own personal style ever conflict with pulling for clients or styling fashion shows?

Absolutely not. Of course every stylist has their own opinion on what they like, what works for someone and what they would recommend, but I fully believe that you will always look the most radiant when you feel most comfortable. Whether you are a friend, client, or model, I will always ask if you’re serene before letting you walk out the door or down a runway. And if you’re not, in the words of Tim Gunn, we’ll find a way to “Make it work!”

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