Toward the end of my pregnancy last year my mind started to wander to the ever-cliche topic of “losing the baby weight”.  I had gained between 30-35 pounds while pregnant and was eager to take off the weight, mostly because I was eager to feel like myself again.  I worried I’d be insecure and awkward carrying around extra weight going into summer, and wondered what I’d wear when all my friends pulled out their short shorts and sundresses.  I worried it’d take months, if not years to lose the extra pounds, and wasn’t sure how I’d even go about doing it.  The reality however was much different than I ever expected- I had Connor mid-April and haven’t really thought about weight loss twice until recently.  In fact in the weeks following Connor’s birth, despite still being close to 30lbs. over my normal weight I had never felt more confident.  After being puffy and swollen with a huge belly for months, even though 20+ pounds remained, I suddenly felt like a supermodel in comparison.  I was eating healthy but not particularly low-calorie (there was no way I was going to miss out on sleep AND pasta) and very slowly but surely the scale kept ticking downward.  Meanwhile, I was far to preoccupied (read: slightly overwhelmed) figuring out how to keep the baby alive to put any thought into trying to lose the weight faster, and roughly four months later the situation had pretty much resolved itself.  That might seem like a long time to some, but life was flying by on this end.  I had lost about 25lbs without much effort and thought to myself- huh, good enough!  There always seems to be so much drama around losing the baby weight on TV and in magazines, but my experience couldn’t have been farther from those scenarios.

It wasn’t until more recently that I got around to thinking about the last 5-ish pounds I’ve been hanging on to since Connor was born in April.  Maybe it’s because life seems to have fallen into a routine and be less hectic lately, maybe it’s because I can’t resist a good New Year’s resolution but I decided I needed a plan to get all the way back to my usual self once and for all.  It’s become obvious that these last 5 pounds aren’t going to come off on their own, and since I hope to have more children down the road I worry that an extra 5 pounds after each one could add up.  Enter My Fit Foods and Suntimes SPLASH.

For two weeks I’ve been taking part in a program where I only eat prepared meals from My Fit Foods, and let me tell you- it’s been a game changer!  SPLASH challenged me, and 4 other women, to take their #splashfitchallenge and we’re all in love with both the results and the process.  The food is delicious, and I don’t mean delicious for being “diet food”, I mean delicious.  The shredded beef tacos could be on the menu at any trendy River North restaurant. I love the enchiladas (pictured above- and no the whole menu isn’t Mexican, I’m just partial), I love the morning detox “cocktail”, I love the convenience of not having to think about what my next meal is going to be (decision fatigue is thing- google it) and most of all I love that I’m losing the last 5 pounds in a healthy sustainable way, that’s giving me more time and energy for the baby, instead of less.

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