Ah, the outfit post- it’s both the bane of my existence (so awkward!) and a steady stream of income.  “Outfit Posts” are often the only posts that directly make bloggers money (through sponsorships and affiliate link commissions), and hey- girl’s gotta eat!  When we had the pleasure of meeting Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook fame a couple weeks ago we couldn’t wait to ask the outfit post aficionado about the ins-and-outs of what she’s truly turned into an art form…

How did you get used to taking outfit posts in public?

I’m still not used to it. In the end it comes to your vision. All of the embarrassment and awkwardness gets overridden over the months.

Any particularly embarrassing moments?

We have been chased by security many times. In LA It’s actually very difficult to shoot. I love shooting on the street, I love the idea of having the city as our backdrop, so whenever we are on grounds that are close to a mall, or even Rodeo Drive-which has beautiful architecture- we know we will get chased by security after several minutes. We have learned to move really fast, and then we kind of move around a little bit.

Do you blog what you’re wearing in real time?

I do blog in real time. For example, the outfit that I’m wearing today [a Saturday] will go up on Monday. Usually what I wear goes up the next day so, the most I have ever shot in one day has been 2 outfits. This is usually for a split event. For example; in the morning we may have a conference and then at night we have a cocktail party that’s when I have an excuse for two outfits.

Are there any clothing items that you love, but you don’t love being photographed in?

I feel clothing interacts differently with your eye than it does on camera. Sometimes an outfit can seem plain, and then on the camera it really sparkles. I love shooting movement so I am always walking. We love doing a lot of action shots just because I feel like it showcases the clothes and fabrics better.

Can you show us some of your go-to poses?

Of course! When I first started I called this pose searching for pennies. I was always looking down, like I’m looking for coins. I just smile and look down.

If I’m brave enough I won’t cross my legs. I feel like that is a very confident stance. You can always put all your weight on one leg.

At the end of every blog post to show my appreciation to my reader, I almost do a virtual bow. I will bow my head and look down, away from the camera. In my photographs, I’m always caught looking down.


[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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  1. This was such a cute post! Great interview. Was a fun read!

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