I’m always flattered when anybody wants to ask me anything, but recently I was especially honored when Monica + Andy came over to interview me about my pregnancy.  After all, they’re the baby experts and I’m just figuring this out as I go!  Chicago photographer Suzy Brown shot the feature in our still-in-progress nursery to offer a bit of a sneak peek and we discussed everything from blogging to dressing a baby bump…

Monica + Andy:  We love your amazing style on TCLB. How have you adjusted your style to work with your pregnancy bump?

You know, it’s definitely more difficult than I expected!  In my head I pictured just having this cute little basketball baby bump, but the reality is that everything changes and gets bigger.  Getting dressed turns into a bit of an out-of-body experience.  I’m definitely not interested in spending money on clothes that I can only wear for a few months, so after investing in some nice maternity jeans (I love James Jeans) I’ve tried to stick to stretchy non-maternity pieces that I either already own, like this Rachel Pally dress, or will purchase but be able to incorporate post pregnancy.

Monica + Andy:  How are you preparing for the arrival of the baby? Anything you’re anxious about?

I think we’re doing what a lot of first time parents do, probably over thinking everything!  We’re reading all the books (though the only one I’m actively recommending, as it’s actually helpful and not terrifying, is “Expecting Better” by Emily Oster) and we’ve signed up for the hospital classes that our wonderful doctor suggested.  On top of that, we’re exploring the possibility of using a Doula because I continuously hear amazing things about their services and people’s experiences with them.  I feel surprisingly calm about the impending labor and delivery, but the one thing that has made me anxious from day one is thinking about all the “baby gear”!  We live in a high rise apartment so there’s no room for all of the excessive gadgets, and clutter of any kind stresses me out.  I just want to keep things simple, and invest in the essentials.  Friends with babies have been extremely helpful in streamlining what is actually needed, I’ve also fallen in love with a website called Cricket’s Circle which does an awesome job of narrowing down the endless amounts of baby products.


Monica + Andy:  Your home is beautiful! How have you been decorating your nursery? Any great nursery shopping spots in the city that you’ve discovered?

Thank you!  Peter and I have had so much fun working on this nursery!  It’s been a huge labor of love.  The plan all along has been to create an eclectic feeling room, but keep the walls and most of the furniture white.  Our idea is that as soon as baby arrives we’ll likely have all sorts of toys, books, blankets, etc. around so we want the room to showcase all of these loved items rather than feel cluttered by them.  It was also important to us to stay true to the feel of our apartment.  We decided to do molding on the walls because it’s a project we had never done before (and may never do again- talk about time consuming!) and love the idea that the room could easily be transitioned into something other than a nursery in the future should we rearrange our current setup.  A couple of my favorite touches are the textured wallpaper we hung on the ceiling for added interest, and the beautiful rug we’re getting ready to unroll.  You’ll have to come back once everything is accessorized and completed!  As far as shopping goes, we’ve tried to avoid any big purchases that are too “obviously baby” as we don’t want him to outgrow the room too quickly (or ever!) so we stuck to our usual haunts like West Elm, Jayson Home, GILT and Ikea.  But, that being said- if you’re pregnant, have ever been pregnant, know anyone who’s pregnant, or know anyone who’s ever been pregnant… The Land of Nod is pretty darn magical!

See the full interview over at Monica + Andy now…

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[Photos by Simply by Suzy for Monica + Andy]

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  1. bwaltz79Bridget says:

    Beautiful nursery! Where is the round white side table from?

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    Agreed! Wondering where is the leather chair from! I love it!

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