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There’s that awkward time where it’s still in the 80s, but we can’t help lust after the fall. Here are some pieces that you can buy now (on summer sale!) that will also help add to your fall wardrobe. The key is to look for pieces that have fall colors and can be used now and with something extra (i.e. a jacket, a scarf, etc.) can also be warn into the chilly fall days. Happy shopping!

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5 Responses to Summer Steals Into Fall Deals

  1. TLC Events says:

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  2. avecelan says:

    I need that orange dress in my life!

  3. bmunez says:

    I must have that hat!

  4. havanahyde says:

    Reblogged this on havanahyde and commented:
    Clearly this week is one for sharing some of my favorite blogs! Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, but the Chicago girls totally make up for it with these super cute Summer Steals. I returned from New England and jumped right into my first day of work yesterday – which was GREAT! Look forward to tomorrow’s private tour around DZINE showroom in San Francisco’s Design District!! xo, Liv

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