When Chicago fitness guru Stephanie Mansour reached out to me about making over her living room I couldn’t resist!  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie, she is one of the most upbeat, positive people you’ll find… and her living room reflected anything but that!  Perhaps more concerning is the fact that as a trainer and life coach Stephanie frequently meets clients and films instructional video in her apartment- yikes!  Needless to say, this room needed a makeover not just for Stephanie’s piece of mind, but also her clients’.

If you’ve checked out Stephanie’s website for her company Step It Up With Steph you’re already aware… This girl LOVES hot pink!  The color reflects her brand, her bright personality, and as you may have guessed it now reflects her living room.  Stephanie’s only requirements for her living room makeover were 1. That the room be predominantly hot pink (a little outside of my comfort zone, but such a fun challenge!),  2. That the makeover be “rental friendly” (i.e. no paint, no wallpaper, nothing that she can’t take with her to her next apartment), and 3. That the makeover be budget friendly.  Like so many of us Stephanie is a hard working girl on a 20-something’s budget, so we sold her old furniture on Craigslist to make money to put toward the new pieces, and kept all our shopping to places such as Target, HomeGoods, and even this funky furniture outlet.

Here’s the outcome…

White Frames from Ikea | Table from Here | Mirror and Accessories were Previously Owned

Console Table from HomeGoods | Accessories from HomeGoodsCB2, and Target

Pink Chairs from World Market | Side Table from Target | Rug from FLOR| Accessories from HomeGoods, CB2, and Target | Couches from Here | Art was Previously Owned by Stephanie

Invisible floating bookshelves and floor plants are easy ways to add some architectural feeling elements to a rental apartment while still ensuring you get your security deposit back!

One of the biggest hurdles in Stephanie’s living room makeover was her love of those big chaise lounges.  While they might have been comfortable to watch TV on, they didn’t have a very professional appearance for having clients over.  Instead of replacing the chaise lounges with new ones, I talked Stephanie into two couches with an ottoman as a coffee table.  That way when clients come over the living room has a formal feel, but when Stephanie is alone she can simply move the tray off the ottoman and put her feet up… boom, instant chaise lounge!

To save money on matching side tables and lamps, which were desperately needed, we turned to TargetThese side tables were the perfect size and price, I just sprayed them gold to get that girly glam look Stephanie was craving.

Are you in Chicago (or a tropical location you’d like to fly me too…) with a room that needs a makeover?  Email me at thechicagolifeblog@gmail.com and you could be my next project!

[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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3 Responses to Stephanie Mansour’s Living Room Gets “Rebranded”

  1. blair says:

    Hi! Do yall know what the name of those decorative green ball plants are? I love them but my meagre googling skills aren’t doing any good. Thanks so much!

  2. Joanna Vlahos says:

    Amazing! You’re a Jane of all trades Amelia!

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