1. Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull Large Bag-  A beautiful gift from my boyfriend when I got into law school.  It was intended as a book bag, but quickly became my book bag/everyday purse/can’t leave home without it!
  2. My Chicago Magazine subscription- August issue just arrived.
  3. iPhone with J.Crew case- Addicted.
  4. My various glasses from See Eyewear- I’m really good at loosing a contact lense.
  5. Various Mac lipstick- Nothing makes me feel pulled together like a little lipstick.
  6. Bobbi Brown potted rouge- Possibly the first makeup product my mother ever let me use (once I was in high school, of course).  It was the best then, and is still the best today!  Lips or cheeks, all you need is a tiny bit.
  7. Maybelline Baby Lips- Lives up to the hype, keeps lips soft and smooth.
  8. My deceased Grandfather’s Michigan key chain.  Go Blue!
  9. Clean Well hand sanitizer spray (orange vanilla scent)- The best hand sanitizer I’ve ever used.  I buy it at whole foods.  It smells delicious, easily sprays on, and doesn’t leave hands sticky.
  10. Knomo computer case- Great style and protection for my MacBook Pro.  Pippa Middleton is often spotted with the computer accessories from this practical British brand.
  11. Prada Wallet- Absolutely lovely gift from a dear friend!  It’s been through a lot over the past 5+ years and is still in great shape.
  12. Sunglasses- Love this pair from See.  They’ve got great styles, at great prices, and know how to have a good sale.  Also the go to place for prescription lenses.
  13. LifeFactory water bottle- I love that I get the piece of mind that come from drinking from a glass bottle (no scary bpa/chemicals) but the cute pink rubber protects it from braking and allows me to toss it in my bag.  The whole thing washes easily in the dishwasher.
  14. The Bluebook- Any law students feel like commiserating?

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  1. I want different pair of glasses toooooo! But my sight is so bad, it’s so freakin expensive lol. But nice glasses! :-)

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