Last Week one of Amelia’s wildest blog dreams came true, as she sat down with Jenny McCarthy [model, actress, author, personality and the newest addition to ABC's The View this fall] at Howells & Hood on Michigan Avenue to chat over cocktails.  It might be because of her columns in SPLASH, or maybe it’s because of her candidness and willingness to always “go there” in her books, and on TV… but either way- we felt like we already knew Jenny before even sitting down.  Lucky for us, she did not disappoint!  She’s just as gorgeous, hilarious, sweet, and down-to-earth as we ever could have imagined.  Naturally, girl talk and hilarity ensued…

So we know and love that you’re a hometown girl here in Chicago.  How much time are you spending in the city these days, and what are your favorite spots?

I live here!  I’ll be commuting back and forth when the show [The View] starts shooting.  The show shoots Monday through Thursday, but I’ll be here half of the time.  My favorite restaurant… I’m afraid to say because I don’t want everyone to go, but it’s definitely Bavette’s.  I love it so much!  It almost reminds me of a speakeasy, it’s really awesome.  As for clubs… me and my friends, I don’t know if it’s our age group and the fact that we still can’t let go, but we just love Studio Paris.  Also, you know what, lately American Junkie has been happening too.  It’s nice that something else has opened up, I’m enjoying it!

All great places!  So because this is primarily a style blog, and because you were one of my 90′s fashion icons during your Singled Out days, what are your fashion must haves?

One thing I collect is clutches, I’m in love with them!  Whenever I go into a store I go right to the clutches.  I have to go to so many events that I’m always looking for something yummy, but they’re so pricey it can be ridiculous!  Shoes also, like a typical girl.  What I don’t splurge on is an actual purse, I feel like they’re so overpriced!  It drives me crazy.  Event though you carry it everyday and use it all the time, I’m one of those people you’ll see with the same purse for two or three years.

What about clothing, any favorite designers/brands?

I’m usually in sweats all the time, but for The View, I’m all about Michael Kors.  When I go out clubbing it’s usually Haute Hippie.  It’s just easy, it’s what I’m wearing right now.  If you get it stained you won’t be too upset.  Then, Alexander McQueen is a vice, Gucci, and I think Tom Ford would be my number one, and they’re opening up here!  I was walking on Oak and I saw the big “Tom Ford Opening Soon” sign and I stopped and screamed!


I know, everyone’s waiting for Tom Ford with bated breath!  Now, what about beauty?  Any secrets you’re willing to share?

There’s a thing called EyeDews that I use.  Not a lot of people know about it, so it’s a fun little secret to talk about.  They’re these little floppy, moist, under eye things that I’ll slap on before I do my makeup, while I blow dry my hair, and it moisturizes and smooths out lines and bags.  Sometimes I get really bad allergies, so I’ll wake up puffy and they help with that, or I’ll wear them on the airplane.  They’re great!  Really, really awesome.

What about makeup?  I know your sister is a makeup artist.  What are your favorite products to use?

Makeup wise, I like Bobbi Brown’s brushes.  I like Make-Up forever’s HD foundation, it’s really good.  Tom Ford has a really good cream liner, and I also like NARS pencil liners.

Now I know details are still under wraps, but what can you tell us about joining The View?

I’m SO excited!  Growing up in Chicago and watching AM Chicago, with Oprah Winfrey, I used set up chairs, make little audiences, and interview family members with hairbrushes.  Eventually my mom said maybe someday you can do something like that, and that always stuck with me.

Your mom didn’t say you should pose naked for Playboy and parlay it into a career as a talk show host?

[Laughs] No!  But I was so glad she stood by me!  She was like, Oh my gosh! and I told her trust me, someday I’ll do something good with it!  So when I was offered the job at The View I was beyond excited.  I get to live in my hometown and fly back and forth.  I’m really thankful for the work, especially as a single mom.  I’m excited to be a part of people’s mornings, and be in their living room or kitchen with them every morning.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but for the first time ever I’m really excited to watch The View!

Yay!  Thank you!

So, since you will shortly be interviewing people in front of a national audience everyday what tips would you give an amateur like me?  How do you get the good stuff out of somebody?

You have to read the energy of who you’re interviewing while you’re doing it.  If you feel like it’s going in a different direction than you’re planning go with that direction.  Always do your homework.  If you feel like you need to slip in a question that you’re not sure about, kind of wait until toward the end and use it as a last ditch effort.

So is this where I ask you who you’re sleeping with?

[Laughs]  Right!

[Photo Credit: Natalie Probst]



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15 Responses to Sitting Down with Jenny McCarthy

  1. Haha! She seems hilarious!

  2. Also, I think this is the product she was talking about:

  3. SK says:

    How Fun! Thanks lace & lacquer for posting that link for eye stuff! I was googling to find it and came across this one:
    Different ingredients, but good if on a budget :-) Cheers!

  4. Congratulations on getting that interview

  5. Just saw that someone else posted Eyedews, I will be trying these puppies out on my next flight home :) What a great interview, you lived out one of my dreams LOVE her!!!!

  6. Diana says:

    Love Jenny, can’t wait to see her on The View. I have used Eyedews…wonderful product and really works.

  7. Edita says:

    Love Jenny, and can’t wait to see her on the view! I heard her talk about Eyedews before. Tried them, and LOVE them! The ingredients are so good, and they make me and my eyes feel so happy! Now I guess I’m going to have to get some Nars pencil liners too.

  8. Kathy canham says:

    Awesome. Interview as always! Congrats on getting that one, but we aren’t too surprised either. Loved the entire interview.

    XO Kathy &.DC

  9. Agi says:

    What an amazing opportunity. I love Jenny and i can’t wait to see her on the view. Great interview.

    Don’t forget to stop by and link up today to my weekly Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up.


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  11. ame says:

    I LOVE her and I will actually watch the View now with her on it! She’s so awesome and candid, I love how open she is.

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