Ikea offers a quick fix for inexpensive, stylish furniture.  But how do you make something from Ikea truly feel like yours, and not just the same piece scattered across dorm rooms and 20-something apartments world wide?  We gave the Ikea Tullsta chair ($99) a few quick and easy updates:

1.  Using semi-gloss white and metallic gold spray paint we gave the chair’s peg legs a classic finish.  By painting the legs white, and then taping off a small portion of the bottom of each foot to spray gold, we created the illusion of a more upscale mid-century piece.  This could be done in any color, to virtually any Ikea piece (chairs, beds, ottomans, etc. all tend to have these same wooden legs).  The legs easily screw off  to make painting extra easy.  Giving these common Ikea legs a new finish is an easy way personalize your chair and distinguish it from the well known Ikea style.

2.  Accessories, accessories, accessories!  While this chair comes with a matching throw pillow, don’t be tricked into thinking you have to use it.  For a more expensive look we ditched the included pillow and opted for a more detailed throw pillow that still incorporated the color of the chair.  The one shown is from a Gilt Group flash sale, but we like this one just as much!

3.  In addition to adding our own pillow, we also added a fun fake fur throw ($29.99).  It instantly added texture, while creating the expensive look of having a real fur throw, yet with out the high price point and PETA issues.  Of all the things in the condo, these Ikea faux fur throws tend to get a ton of compliments!

The finished product:

Do you have an Ikea piece that you’ve fixed up or improved?  Send us your pictures, we’d love to see!

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11 Responses to Simple Ikea Chair Update

  1. Gilit says:

    I love this because I always feel like the IKEA legs are what make it look cheaper!

  2. ashley says:

    what a great tutorial! love the two-toned legs!

  3. omnijennifer says:

    Awesome! I have the same chair, just the leather version. I really need to get on that fixing of the legs like I had originally wanted to when I bought them. You have inspired me. Thanks!

  4. I just bought a plain pine dresser from Ikea & stained it myself/switched out the knobs as well as threw 2 of those rugs you featured down next to my bed, 2 days ago. Great minds think alike!

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