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A few months ago, fifteen weeks ago to be exact, I did a post recapping the things that surprised me most about my first trimester of pregnancy.  Now in my third trimester, 30 weeks along, I thought it’d be fun to record some of the things that have surprised me in recent months…

1.  The “honeymoon” doesn’t start on time.  I’ve heard countless people, including my own Doctor, refer to the second trimester as “the honeymoon” phase because you have some of the sickness associated with the first trimester behind you but you’re not hugely uncomfortable yet, as may be the case in later months.  While I was suffering from horrible morning sickness in my first trimester all this honeymoon talk sounded pretty damn good!  But here’s the thing I found with this second trimester milestone, as with most other pregnancy milestones… nothing miraculously changes on any anticipated date.  Did I begin to feel markedly better in the second trimester?  Yes!  Did I wake up at 13 weeks and feel differently than I did at 11 or 12 weeks?  Not a chance.  In fact I would say it wasn’t until around week 21 that I finally started to have a little more energy and finally feel a bit more “normal”.  But yes, it did feel like a honeymoon when it finally arrived!

2.  The bump changes.  Daily.  When I imagined having a baby bump, I pretty much thought it would be like strapping on one of those round, fake ones you see in the movies and that would be that.  But let me tell you this thing has a mind of its own!  Some days it feels huge, some days it feels more manageable, some days I look like I’m “carrying high”, some days I look like I’m “carrying low”.  As the baby moves around things tend to lean to one side or the other, which can be mind-boggling to look at.  Also, the bump looks very different in different outfits.  Some days I can almost hide it if I’m wearing jeans with a jacket, but throw on a skirt or dress and I look practically overdue.  Making matters more interesting is the fact that everybody loves to comment on it.  Almost everyday I hear some version of “Oh my gosh you look ready to pop!” or “Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed you’re that far along, it barely shows”…  and it’s not uncommon to hear both of these comments within the same day.  Confusing, right?  Welcome to the second trimester of pregnancy.

3.  Baby kicks or trapped alien?  One of the things (if not the thing) I was most excited about in the second trimester was starting to feel the baby move around.  I must have read a dozen websites trying to grasp what it would feel like, when it would happen, and how I would be able to tell.  Many women describe the feeling of early kicks as “bubbles” or “fluttering”.  It’s my feeling that I missed these early movements all together (likely chalking them up to indigestion?) because when I first felt our baby kick (around 19 weeks) it felt like just that, something kicking me from the inside!  It is the most wonderful thing you could ever possibly feel, but why does nobody talk about how weird it is?  I still have moments where I feel like I’m in a sci-fi film when he’s moving around.  Another thing I wasn’t prepared for was that shortly after you feel him/her move around, you can actually see them move!  What I presume to be a foot will go across my stomach and it will look like I have golf ball rolling around under my skin.  It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced, but don’t be fooled… it. is. crazy.

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[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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    Well said Amelia! You described it exactly. Especially how my bump changes daily.

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