When our friend Sarah wanted to revamp her Lincoln Park living room on a budget she knew just who to call.  We put our interior design skills to work, along with our friend Greg, and 48 hours + $500 later we surprised Sarah with a brand new apartment to come home to!

Nothing brightens up a kitchen like a fresh coat of white paint.  It’s a big bang for your buck!  We painted Sarah’s cabinets and kitchen cart (a great space solution for city apartments) with a semi-gloss paint and easily added hardware for an instant facelift.  We then painted the bar table a bright semi-gloss peacock blue to make it feel less like a standard set of furniture, and more like a custom find.  By tucking the kitchen cart under the bar table we created the feel of a permanent kitchen island, while leaving Sarah the option to simply move the pieces around should she have a party and need to utilize her space differently.

Not only did we utilize Sarah’s existing bar table and kitchen cart, we also designed around her couch.  By simply changing the position of her couch we quickly discovered room to bring in another piece of seating, Ikea’s tulista chair in bright red, which looked amazing next to the scroll Sarah brought home from a trip to Hong Kong.

Along with the chair, we also picked up two coffee tables, a tv stand, and various accessories (such as these amazing candles) at Ikea.

Part of the inspiration for our design was Sarah’s collection of souvenirs from her world travels.  When it came time to accessorize we headed to Home Goods, which kept us well within our budget and provided many Asian inspired pieces to tie in with Sarah’s authentic keepsakes.

Have a room you need help revamping?  Feel free to drop us a line!



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13 Responses to Sarah’s Lincoln Park Living Room Makeover

  1. Suzanne says:

    What a transformation! I love the way you pulled colors from the Hong Kong scroll.

  2. Emily says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! Such a great transformation. And I LOVE the wall color.

  3. christina says:

    Love it …Are you sure you want to be a lawyer?

  4. Marilyn says:

    After years of dealing with top decorators, I am so impressed with your fresh ideas and use of colors and organizational skills that make this apartment so inviting! Indeed beautiful and what a transformation!

  5. Emily Silver says:

    Amelia- You are so talented & your blog is wonderful! I wish you lived in NYC to help me redo my bedroom; it’s in dire need of your skills!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Awesome job on these rooms, mia! and i love the new blurb on bivouac. it was great seeing you last week, and i hope and peter had a great holiday!

  7. drsusieg says:

    The kitche.n table island combo is really smart…nice job

  8. You did this all for $500! That is incredible!

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