The School at the Art Institute Chicago‘s annual fashion show, The Walk, took place in Millennium Park on May 2nd and TCLB was there to be a part of this fabulous event! The fashion show that features student work has been running for 80 years now, and every year we are blown away by these up and coming designers. Here are a few of our favorite looks from the show…

Most Creative – Symantha Perrera


Cloud prints, fields of flowers, white stockings and shiny red pumps. It’s the Wizard of Oz meets fashion and it was brilliantly recreated by designer Symantha Perrera. With the use of bright printed landscapes, midi skirts, and long trench coats, it added a modern twist to the classic 1939 story.

Most Elegant – Erika Landry


All we can say is wow! Erika Landry, who was sponsored by Swarovski Crystals, created a truly elegant line embellished with glimmering gems. The models even wore Swarovski jewelry that turned heads up and down the runway. Aside from the bling-bling, the choice of fabric and colors for the designs were very glamorous. They included cream, white, black, grey, tulle, and satin, making each model look like royalty.

Most Wearable – Amanda Vaeth

We loved the use of geometric patterns and bold summer colors of orange, pink, red, teal, and white! Designer Amanda Vaeth got inspiration for her line from the paintings of Robert DeLaunay’s during his period of pure abstraction. She followed his method of placing contrasting colors next to each other (i.e. orange & teal) in order to incorporate movement into the pieces. We could definitely wear these items right off the runway and into the streets of Chicago!

[Photos by Hallie Duesenberg | Text by Emily Murphy]

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