We sat down with Kara Underwood Gordon, owner of our favorite stationary and more store- Magnificent Milestones, to get answers to some of our most pressing stationary/correspondence questions while checking out some of the adorable shop’s current items.

Q:  What is the appropriate time frame for sending a thank you note? 

A:  One week.

Q:  What is the time frame for sending a wedding gift? 

A:  I have heard people say that you have up to a year to send a wedding gift, but I disagree. I think the wedding gift should be sent within a month of the wedding. Of course, in certain cases like gifting a couple’s massage on their honeymoon which is more than a month after the wedding, over a month is fine.

Q:  Do you always have to send an engagement gift, a shower gift, and a wedding gift, etc.? 

A:  An acknowledgement of each is nice, whether it is a thoughtful card or a gift.

Q:  What are some good hostess gift options? 

A:  My top three favorites: a great bottle of wine, a scented candle or fresh flowers. I wouldn’t ask the host or hostess to open the bottle of wine that night in case they may have already thought out the wine pairings. It should be for them to enjoy on their own time. Every woman loves scented candles and fresh flowers, but don’t always buy them for themselves. So, it is a great treat!

Q:  When are hostess gifts necessary and when are they not? 

A:  I think anytime someone is opening up their home and hosting, you shouldn’t come empty handed.

Q:  When can a thank you email be appropriate, vs. a call vs. a note? 

A:  I think thank you emails are quick, easy and completely acceptable for a small thank you message. I think a thank you note is reserved for a time when you want the recipient to know just how much it meant to you. You took extra time to write a note, and realy express your gratitude.

Q:  Do you send a thank you note after receiving a thank you gift? A thank you note for a thank you note? 

A:  This is hard because I find myself doing this! No, I don’t think it is necessary. If you are like me and find yourself wanting to thank a thank you, this is a perfect time to email a simple thank you!

Q:  What are some current trends in stationary? 

A:  Foil printing. It is similar to letterpress in that it is pressed into the paper, but unlike letterpress it achieves a metallic finish. It is gorgeous!

Q:  Anything new on the horizon? 

A:  Die cut wraps. These hold invitations (wrap around them) and add a lot of depth to the whole suite. We are working on a custom Chicago skyline die cut right now!

Q:  When is an evite an acceptable alternative to a mailed invitation? 

A:  An evite is perfectly acceptable for casual parties or when you simply don’t have time to pull together a printed invitation.

Q:  Is there an appropriate time frame to send a sympathy card? Too soon vs. too late? 

A:  I don’t think so. Typically they are sent rather quickly, but there is something nice about getting a card a couple weeks out to know that someone is still thinking of you.

Q:  What is the acceptable time frame for Christmas/holiday cards? 

A:  I suggest holding off on sending holiday cards until after Thanksgiving (until the first week of the New Year assuming they are New Year cards).

Stop by Magnificent Milestones in River North at 472 W. Erie and see their adorable inventory for yourself!


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