When NBC abruptly pulled the plug on their popular blog site, DailyCandy, earlier this year Chicago editor Jourdan Fairchild was just as shocked and disappointed as all of the site’s millions of fans.  With time on her hands, and an uncertainty of what she would do next, Jourdan booked a last minute trip to Africa with non-profit Watering Malawi.  During her time in Africa she helped to build schools and bring water to thousands.  Upon her return to Chicago Jourdan was inspired to combine her prior experience as a craft editor (before her time at DailyCandy) with her recent travel adventure and create an e-book of DIY travel crafts, Fly DIY.

“As I was prepping for a recent trip, I discovered that the current
world of travel goods can be defined in one of two ways: boring and masculine
or girly and pricey. The ultimate solution is one I’ve been relying on for
years now. It starts with D and ends with IY. Why? 1) It’ll cost WAY less. 2) It’ll
make your stuff stand out from the crowd. 3) You’ll have a blast doing it. 4) It’s
pretty cool to say “Oh, you like it? I made it, NBD” to your friends.”

The e-book in it’s entirety is available for just $10 (with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Watering Malawi) but today Jourdan is letting us share our favorite project from Fly DIY with all of you exclusively on TCLB…

Photos courtesy of Jourdan Fairchild

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