Not only is Nicole Banks one of the nicest, and most stylish women in Chicago, she also happens to be one of the hardest working!  Nicole is a curator for one of our favorite brands, Gilt City, where she’s responsible for gathering the best goods and services from around Chicago.  When she’s not working, Nicole is busy planning her fall wedding, which based on her personal style, we can only imagine how gorgeous the affair will be.  We met up with Nicole at her Old Town home to talk fashion, beauty, and of course… Shoes!

What is your typical day like as a curator for GILT City?

As a Gilt City Curator, I am always on the hunt to uncover exclusive and unique experiences that we can provide to our members. We have to think outside the box and submerge ourselves entirely into the culture of the city. At the end of the day, we’re providing access to the most sought after experiences and businesses around, both new and old. My team lives and breathes the GILT brand, but also does a superb job of understanding what our members want and making sure we’re thinking of them with each and every feature we launch. We want our members to love Chicago and it’s our job to make sure they’re able to do so!

How do you decide what to wear each morning?

I’ve never perfected this process and I’m almost always running late which only makes it worse. If you know me at all, you know that I recycle outfits and accessories over and over again. I wear it till I don’t like it anymore and then you’ll almost never see me in it again. Given that I’m always running late, I’ve found this is the only way to get me out the door as close to on time as possible. I also don’t follow seasonal (or weather) rules.

What are three things in your closet you could never get rid of?

1. Vince Hooded Wool Anorak, 2. Nude Louboutin Pigalles, 3. Grey Current / Elliott V Neck Tee


[ Shoe]

What’s one trend for Spring/Summer you’re most excited about?

Crop Tops! I’m on a pretty strict workout regimen now that our wedding is less than five months away (eeek!) – and am looking forward to showing a bit more skin come summer time.

What’s a trend you hope never comes back in style?

High Waisted Anything!

What’s your favorite accessory to splurge on?

Shoes!! (is there anything else?)

[Front Left- Spring 2014 PIPA Suede Sandal, $99,]

Who are a few of your style icons and why?

Olivia Palermo: She just does everything right, from casual, to beach chic, to evening wear, she kills it every time. She always looks flawless.

The Olsens: We share a similar frame and I love their mix of oversize layers with super feminine pieces. They’re also not afraid to wear what they want and be different from one another and I respect that.

Julie Sarinana (of Sincerely Jules): I rarely have time to keep up with blogs these days, but I do follow Julie on Instagram. She helps me stay inspired to get dressed each and every day. She has an effortlessly chic look that’s hard to identify but is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

What’s a major fashion risk that you’ve taken and learned to love?

For me it’s anything body conscious. I know I have a good figure (or so I’ve been told), but for some reason I’ve never liked wearing anything that’s super tight. Yet, over time I’ve warmed up and on occasion, I’ll rock out it out anyways.

What are the cornerstones of your beauty routine?

I like to keep things simple. Once you started adding too many steps, I give up. I love my face wash (Revision Brightening), Clarisonic, Blue Orchid Oil, and Josie Maran Argan Illunizer.

[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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  1. Could she be any prettier/stylish/chicer?

  2. Jorshaq says:

    Love her shoes!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where are the rest of the shoes from? (Royal blue and orange/blk?)

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