I promise not to turn this into a wedding blog, but I can’t help but share our engagement photographs, taken by the wonderful Kurt Gerber from Gerber and Scarpelli a few months ago.  The pictures include my fiance Peter (obviously) and our 2 black labs, Lydia & George, as well as a number of romantic strolls while dressed up in Lincoln Park… because that’s what real life is like, right?



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31 Responses to Our Engagement Photos

  1. CKEspanol says:

    Nice photos! It’s funny coz my last post was also about a wedding, but more on me as the wedding singer.. :)

  2. Susan Gray says:

    The photographer really captured the romance and connection between these two. Really enjoyed seeing them. Chicago is the perfect backdrop.

  3. christina says:

    Omg I remember when you came home with George he’s so big now.nice pictures too

  4. stylesound says:

    Beautiful pictures! Love the lighting and the black and white photos by the water best! Congrats :)

  5. alisonblogg says:

    These photos are beautiful! I love them. My favorite ones are the pictures with the dogs.

  6. latestwithVR says:

    You two look picture perfect, I love them.

  7. Joy says:

    These are beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous pictures, Amelia looks impeccable. Congratulations and I wish you a life of love and fabulous fashion!!!

  9. Ifa says:

    I love your blog. That’s so sweet and romantic :)

  10. caroline1t says:

    Well those are fabulous pics!

  11. Amy says:

    you two look like you are from mad men! i love them all :)

  12. sokeene says:

    Wow, great set of photos!!

  13. cravensavor says:

    Beautiful photos, Love how you included your dogs in them.

  14. Tammy says:

    CONGRATS! The pictures are gorgeous :) Your wedding is going to be amazing!

  15. Beautiful pictures! Adorable pups!

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