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7 Responses to On Trend: Ombre Hair

  1. avecelan says:

    I get bored with my hair easily so I’ve done both the pink and regular ombre. It is fun.

  2. I would mayyyybe try ombre, but only in “normal” colors, meaning doing blond just on the bottom. The crazy colors are just not for me! I guess I’m lame. Or just not crazy.

    Sarah’s Real Life

  3. skaytanik says:

    I had my hair like that earlier this year- then had to change it because of stupid work :( I loved it!

  4. diygeekess says:

    I went with purple ombre earlier this summer: it’s faded to a pretty lavender now which looks great with blonde hair. Not for everyone but I love it! That hair necklace up there, I’m not sure about though ;)

  5. The bottom of my hair has un-dyed ombre simply because it’s dry and dead. But I get compliments and “omg how did you get that” daily.

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