Kelly Edwards is not only the co-host and design coordinator for HGTV’s “Design on a Dime” and the STYLE Network’s “Tacky House”, but she’s also a Chicago native!  In addition to being seen weekly on television, Kelly can also be seen as the segment host and home decorating expert for Shelter Pop where she offers online visitors her trade secrets and unique approach to design.  The celebrity designer has been offering dwellers with decorating dilemmas, distinctive design tips, bargain-decorating projects, and total home makeover transformations inspired by personal style and popular trends.  Kelly is well known for her knack in re-purposing everyday items into extraordinary collectibles, refurbishing unique home accessories, and crafting recipes for creative cleaning solutions.  We caught up with the television host and design star to talk about all things home decor, DIY, and of course, her brand new book!

Do you have an all time favorite DIY project?

I think right now its the chalkboard art we made for our dining room that’s on the back of my book.  We took a picture of a pair of Persol sunglasses that my boyfriend had and projected the image onto a chalkboard we made.  Then, we put it into an old frame we had laying around for 10 years and viola!  Dining Room Art!

What’s your favorite room at home, and why?

Definitely the kitchen.  It’s always the place everyone ends up at a dinner party.  It’s where the entertaining happens.  That’s my favorite part!

Where do you score your best decor finds?

Thrift stores hands down!  Every time I fly into a new city I try to find the closest thrift store.  You never know what kind of goodies you’ll get!

What current design trend are you loving?  Hating?

I’m loving all the antique brass that’s happening and the eclectic vibe in design.  I love that people are mixing and matching to create their own unique look.  People are experimenting and its so fun!  Hating?  I think I’m over graphic print rugs.  Unless their black and white.

If you could trade houses with anyone who would it be?

I LOVE Windsor Smith and all the homes she designs.  Last year I shot at a home she did in Brentwood, California called the House of Windsor for Veranda Magazine.  It was amazing!  The kitchen was to die for!!!  6 months later Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin bought it.  So jealous!

What’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done with a can of spray paint?

What can’t you do with spray paint??  It’s a designers dream.  I think I’ve spray painted everything in my house!  I did a headboard last year and I think that was my favorite spray paint project.

What’s an organizational product you can’t live without?

Paper storage for sure!  I have so many contracts and documents that come across my desk.  I keep everything very neatly stacked so I know where everything is at all times.

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

Classic, a bit of boho, with a touch of California. I’m a mutt really.

What’s currently on your desk?

Paint swatches and a ton of magazines.  I get inspiration from magazines.  I think I have a million of them. Some are even from the early 90′s!

What doesn’t the audience get to see in a TV home makeover?  

All the trial and error.  Sometimes I go through 3 attempts before I can get it.  Practice makes perfect… that’s what I keep telling myself.

What are your favorite places to visit when in Chicago? 

First place, my parents house.  They live in the suburbs so being home with them makes me happy. Secondly,  anyplace in Bucktown or Wickerpark.  I lived there for so many years that its my old stomping grounds.  A veggie burger and tater tots from Silver Cloud sounds really good right now!

Now, this “meet” Kelly feature is slightly different from our usual posts where we introduce you to one of our favorite ladies.  This time… if you’re in Chicago… you actually get the chance to meet Kelly!  We’ll be with the design darling, thanks to our friends from eDropOff and Glossed & Found, as she signs copies of her new book tomorrow night- and you’re invited!  Check out the invitation below, find more information here, and make sure to RSVP if you’ll be joining us.  There will be plenty of cocktails and cupcakes to go around, as well as the chance to win a $500 gift care to Room & Board.  Hope to see you there!

[photos courtesy of Kelly Edwards, Inc.]

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