Last week we sat down with eDrop-Off‘s founder and owner Corri McFadden.  If the Chicago social scene was a high school Corri would definitely be the coolest girl in school, though contrary to typical high school stereotypes she would also be one of the nicest.

When we say Corri is cool, we don’t mean ‘cool’ in that generic-can’t-think-of-another-adjective way… we mean cool, as in she has an affinity for skateboarding, is passionate about big issues like crime and politics, had her own show on VH1, and counts designer Christian Siriano as one of her best friends.  Oh, and did we mention that she’s a hugely successful entrepreneur?  In the past 9 years she’s spread her online luxury consignment business, eDrop-Off, across the country, taking on clients coast to coast, and shipping purchases worldwide.

When we met up with Corri she was getting ready to launch a carefully curated collection on eDrop-Off consisting solely of incredible luxury items.  Her office was overflowing with Oscar de la Renta brought in just for this special sale the morning we paid her a visit.  Now, eDrop-off’s “Fashion Vault” sale is ready to go live tonight!  The auction will go from May 16th at 8 pm CST to  Sunday May 26th at 8 pm CST, that’s 10 full days of Hermes, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Hererra, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga and more!

You have to be one of the busiest people we know!  How do you stay sane and keep up with everything?

I love what I do! There are days that I’m probably not that sane… but those days I just don’t go out in public! [laughs] I’m becoming very particular with how I go to events.  I used to feel like I had to go to everything, or would try to go to everything, but now I just go when I’m in the right mindset and actually want to be there so it’s fun for everyone.  There’s so much, and people try to do everything, but you don’t have to do everything, just go to the things you’re truly passionate about.  That’s how I keep my sanity.  But I look at my spring calendar and it’s insane, but no more of doing 3 or 4 events a night!  Now I’m all about Spiro and my dogs!

What is your secret to success?

You just have to keep moving forward!  I was telling this to one of the girls who works here the other day, she was going through something, and I had to tell her there’s no feeling sorry for yourself!  You have to hype yourself up and keep moving forward, because when you do you just get stronger, you don’t know how strong you are.  You just have to keep hustling.  When you sit and sulk then you’re done!  There are times for that, but you always have to be your own biggest advocate.  You can’t rely on others to pep you up all the time.

We’re very familiar with your amazing fashion sense, but what is your taste in home decor?

So my fiance is a very talented contractor, they’re [Centaur Construction] amazing!  They’ve done Sprinkles and Barney’s and Lululemon- he’s amazing!  But he’s very minimalist!  He’s always like, What are all these tchotchkes? What is all this stuff? But I need to feel at home!  Our place is a good balance between masculine and feminine, but he still lets me have my glam.  I love chandeliers and Johnathan Adler a lot.  I love beautiful, cool books.  My place is very clean but it has a lot of life to it.  It has a lot of good textures and wall coverings, and Spiro loves it now!

 How did you and your fiance Spiro meet?

He competed on a show called Bullrun where they race cars across the US.  He’s crazy, like 200 miles per hour, crazy!  He ended up winning and my former publicist introduced us at a party.  We have a picture from the first 30 seconds we met, and we’ve been together ever since that night.  neither one of us was looking for it and it just worked.  We’ve been together 4 years as of last week.  We built this store the first year of our relationship, I knew if we survived that we were good!

Ah, a match made in the world of reality TV!  Speaking of which, You seem to have made it through your own reality TV experience, on the VH1 show House of Consignment, relatively unscathed- would you agree?

Yeah, I did!  It did what I needed it to do.  I did reality TV in a way that most people don’t do it.  I don’t believe in going on reality TV unless you have something to sell.  Like Nene Leakes from Atlanta- Girl did it right!  Bethenny Frankel did it right.  You can go through the housewives and pluck out the ones who have been really smart with it.  It’s the ones who don’t have something to sell that either you don’t remember them, or they’re crazy!  I did it as a project that we did to expand the business.  I’m really proud of what we’ve built, I’m really proud of our team.  The only drama we had was in the last episode when I had to terminate Nicole- and that was real!  We didn’t know that was going to happen. That wasn’t in my story arch!  My show was 100% real.  You do story arches and say we’re going to cover these 8 events and we’re going to shoot these closets and there’s certain points that you have to develop a story for viewers to watch, and that wasn’t in it! It happened the last day we were shooting, that’s just God’s way.  That was definitely the most drama, but it had to be done, and I had nothing bad to show.  I never wanted to get coined as a reality star because I’m an entrepreneur and a business woman.  Hopefully I’m inspirational, and I want to do more TV, but hopefully at an expert level.  Girls need a positive inspiration and there are very few out there.  Everybody looks to girls on TV for the wrong reasons.

What struggles have you faced in growing your business?

Before I did the show I thought I was doing all I could do and then they came and turned my world upside down!  I had to learn how to delegate things in a whole different respect The hardest part about growing a business is delegating, you just have to learn to let go.  Things are going to go wrong, it’s inevitable!  Everybody makes mistakes, and if you tell me you’re perfect, I don’t believe you.  You just have to take mistakes as they come, no mistake is too big, you just have to deal with it. You just have to put out fires and not add fuel.  I’ve gotten very smart about when I have to put on my armor and go to battle, and when I just have to let it go.  99% of things you want to go speak your piece, but that makes it worse!  As society gets more and more jaded battles are becoming bigger and bigger.

Taking a right turn, what do you personally like to wear?  Do you have a favorite save brand and a favorite splurge brand?

I love some Zara, as does everyone!  It’s the best!  It’s insane.  As for splurge, Christian Siriano is my love!  We met a few years ago when he was speaking at Columbia, and I stayed after to take a picture, and then we just became friends.  If you look at my [picture] board he’s probably on there more than anybody!  We just went to Mexico together.  [Pointing to photos on her board] I made him go on WCIU with me at 6: 30 am and he almost killed me, that was from his fall show, that was from a fitting we did.  He’s just one of my favorite people in the whole world.  We just understand each other, he works equally as hard. We’re just very similar!  He’s doing my wedding dress for me, and I’m just obsessed, I’d wear anything of his!  Other than that I just buy what I like, I don’t care where it’s from, I’m very high low.

What is your advice for a well curated closet?

Be smart with your closet, don’t hold on to something for sentimental reasons, don’t hold on to something because it cost a lot of money.  If you’re not using and wearing it, get rid of it!  If you have a curated collection, you’ll find yourself wearing more variety  You’ll find yourself being happier in the morning.  There’s so much unconscious weight that exists within your closet, that just because it can’t speak to you doesn’t mean that it’s not there.  You don’t want to open your closet and think I wore those on a bad date, or those shoes hurt my feet, or I spent $800 on those, or that’s from an ex- get all that energy out! Get that energy out of there and turn it into something you actually love and would wear today!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and eDrop-Off!  While we’ve all come to know you as an entrepreneur, your background is in design.  Can we expect to see any more designs or collections from you in the near future?

I do have my jewelry collection that was softly launched during House of Consignment but will be relaunched as my website is completely redone in the next month, so I’m really looking forward to that!  There are all these pieces that are taking over my guest room right now.  But that’s pretty much it as far as design goes.  It’s all vintage pieces turned into current contemporary pieces- really amazing!


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