Confession: E! News is considered a major news outlet in our eyes.  Is there a better way to follow up Brian Williams than with some celebrity gossip and a little ‘who wore it best’ in the evening?  We think not.  So naturally, we were super excited to get the opportunity to chat with E! News Correspondent and Co-Host of E! News Weekend, Catt Sadler, when she came through Chicago to host Simply Stylist at the Dana Hotel.  Amelia caught up with the television personality in the Vertigo Sky Lounge to get the scoop on her personal style, which lately has been garnering as much attention as her celebrity interviews and red carpet coverage.

We love that at heart you’re a fellow Midwest girl, who grew up in Indiana.  Have you always been a fashionista?   

Growing up, we didn’t have a shopping mall within 30 minutes of where we lived!  Fashion wasn’t really readily available.  However I will say, my mother is a gorgeous woman, and as a little girl I was always in her clothes and makeup.  I loved to just get inside her closet, and touch and feel her things, but I didn’t really have any gift for fashion growing up.

When did fashion begin to play the large part in your life that it does today?

When I discovered the real power of fashion was when I got my first television job and had to see myself on air day after day after day.  You have to get really creative when you shop [for local news] because you have to budget and come up with really good looking pieces that make some sort of impact, and there’s a special skill to dressing for television as opposed to daily life, so I really began to understand the art of clothes and wardrobe around then.

How did your move to LA and the entrance of stylists affect your sense of style?

When I got to LA in 2006, after 10 years of local news, and I had my first actual stylist who helped me get dressed every single day.  Early on I was constantly asking questions, it wasn’t like “oh, just put me in this”, I am very much a collaborator with my stylists to this day, I know my body know, I know what makes my legs look longer, I know what colors work on me.  Really just in the past 5-6 years it’s become a real passion of mine.  I now have this wonderful fan base around the world that looks to what I’m wearing.  It’s really cool!

How does your onscreen style differ from your personal style?

For television I tend to stay with more structured silhouettes, clean lines, and a lot of color!  At home I’m pretty minimalist. I’ve never been into over accessorizing, or particularly whimsical.  I’m just a little more chic when it comes to television.

You have two sons, what about Catt Sadler, “the mom”?  How does she dress?

When it comes to Catt, the mom, I’ve learned my favorite key pieces and I just go to them.  I’m a denim girl through and through.  I wear jeans all day long!

So spill- what denim lines are you loving at the moment?

I’m loving Siwy denim, Kova & T  has the best boyfriend jeans, and Bleulab.

What about beauty products?  Your skin is flawless!  Any must have items you’re willing to share with us, or parting words of wisdom?

MAC Strobe cream, helps any girl with her foundation and overall skin.  If you mix your foundation with just a little, don’t go over board, it helps you look youthful and more overall radiant.

So in case it isn’t apparent from reading this, Catt Sadler is every bit as cool as she seems on TV!  She’s completely down to earth, seems like a total “girl’s girl”, and have we mentioned that she’s hilarious?  One of our favorite parts of the interview was when a publicist told Amelia to wrap it up, and Catt turned and told him “hang on, we’re still talking”.  Way cool!  Call us next time you’re back in the Midwest, Catt.  Drinks are on us!

[photos by Natalie Probst]



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  1. Great interview! I love watching her on E! and seeing what she wear – she always looks flawless!

  2. Great interview!! Wasn’t she so delightful? After watching a lot of E! News, she was everything I wanted her to be :)

  3. She’s always gorgeous.

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