Today I’m excited to share our master bedroom refresh.  After recently renovating our condo, came the task of decorating our new, and now much smaller, master bedroom. Our old master bedroom (seen here, here and here) had a lot going on, but now with two little boys we knew we wanted something calmer, with a more timeless design that we won’t tire of in a couple years.  By making the floor plan of our bedroom smaller we chose to forego the sofa, chairs and desk that used to be in the room, which was an easy decision, however what was a little trickier was the amount of wall space we gave up, most of which served to anchor the bed and other furniture. With our new layout, we only have one uninterrupted wall which became our only option for mounting a tv (a must-have in our book) so this meant we had no choice but to place the bed in front of the windows.  A somewhat intimidating realization at first.

Enter, The Shade Store. After working with The Shade Store on a handful of clients’ homes, I knew I’d use them for our own.  The staff is knowledgable, precise, and fast- none of which should be taken for granted when dealing with custom window treatments.  The drapes in our previous bedroom were store bought and blackout lined, neither of which helped achieve the polished, grown-up feel I knew I wanted this room to have.

Since we’re in a high-rise building, our bedroom windows overlook not only our patio, but also the balconies and terraces of other nearby buildings.  For this reason, I knew I wouldn’t be opening our drapes much, if ever.  I visited The Shade Store‘s showroom at The Merchandise Mart, and selected their basket sheer fabric, in winter, with a privacy lining to let plenty of light in during the day, but keep prying eyes out. One of my favorite things about the basket sheer fabric is that it has some texture, similar to a linen, but is wrinkle free and very low maintenance.

By opting for a fabric that allows light in, without ever really having to open the drapes, I was able to create a “wall” of sorts that our bed looks right at home pushed up against. In fact, the initially daunting fact that the room is mostly windows is now my favorite thing about the space. No matter the time of day, there’s gorgeous natural light that makes everything feel bright, airy and relaxing in what has quickly become one of my favorite rooms to date!

[Photos by Hallie Duesenberg | Post in Partnership with The Shade Store]

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