When IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) asked for bloggers’ takes on mensware inspired looks, Amelia decided to come clean about one of her fashion muses… Greg.  Tuxedo jackets, vests and bow ties… here’s the result:

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8 Responses to Man, I Feel Like A Woman

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love everything menswear! You pulled it off great in this post! :)

  2. caroline1t says:

    Ha! These are so great I definitely want a bow tie!

  3. pioriobranco says:

    Man , I feel like a woman 2 !!! …… Love this post , totally identify with it :D

  4. [...] the pop flower femmes up a tuxedo jacket look on the chicago life blog [...]

  5. Kay says:

    Looks wonderful! Love them all :)

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