Here at TCLB we definitely consider leopard print a neutral.  You can pair it with almost anything: solids, colors, prints, patterns, textures, etc…  it can be easily dressed up or kept casual cool.

My favorite leopard blouse is shown above.  It’s from Ann Taylor, and a few years old, but we’ve found a similar one that’s currently available here.  Check out some of my favorite ways to mix and match this versatile shirt with the rest of my closet:

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7 Responses to Leopard Blouse 12 Ways

  1. brittany says:

    You have been nominated! Check out this link for more info!

  2. So glad leopard is a neutral, it’s one of my favorite prints to wear. :)


  3. avecelan says:

    I actually really like the top with the red cropped pants. The leather jacket and boyfriend jeans combo is my second favorite, but I think that they all look pretty great.

  4. nettie says:

    It’s a tie between under the black dress and with the red pants and striped blazer!

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