It only seems appropriate that the outspoken American on Bravo’s hit new show Ladies of London is from Chicago.  For the past several Mondays we’ve been watching Juliet Angus tell it like it is, and look fabulous while doing it!  While this isn’t Juliet’s first time on reality TV (years ago she was on Beg, Borrow & Deal), her true passion is fashion.  Juliet currently works as a stylist as well as in fashion PR, across the pond, while running her blog a great source for fashion stories and tips.  We recently caught up with the mother of two to talk all things British, Bravo, beauty and, of course, fashion!

What are 5 items every woman needs in her closet?

What style tips can American women pick up from the British, and vice versa?

Americans should go more au natural and do with less makeup – less is more. in general British women stay quite plain and safe, then for dressier events they go all out adding hats with feathers and sparkly shoes – more is not more.  


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Is the attitude toward using a stylist different in London than it is here in America?  (It seems to be more secretive over there, while people are very open about using stylists over here.) 

Yes I think in London it is more secretive, because it is a pride thing and they feel like they should be capable enough to do it all.  So much of fashion is attitude and confidence, stylist or no stylist – you need to own it and keep your head held up high.  And, having an ‘editor’ as I like to gently put it, can be such a fun collaboration.  Sometimes, if I too, can’t make a decision between outfits for a certain event or which shoes to wear, i’ll snap a pic and email it over to my GBFF’s Marco and Avi to help me decide – it becomes a collaborations and fun!


What’s the best party you’ve ever been to? 

My best friends 30th birthday on her family’s yacht in the Bahamas.

Kate Moss or Kate Middleton?
Kate Moss.
What beauty products do you swear by? 
What do you miss most about living in America? 
Drive thru ATM machines & parking lots when you’re running errands. I cannot even begin to tell you how many parking tickets I’ve gotten since I moved to London 3 1/2 years ago – its probably close to 100!
If you could makeover any celebrity who would it be and what would it entail? 
Lady Gaga, i think she’s beautiful and I love the confidence she rocks in her outlandish outfits.  However, meat dress aside, I’d love to see her dress down in chic simple looks a little more often.
How has your life changed since Ladies of London aired? 

It hasn’t!  I’ve spent most of the time since its been on air in London (and its not airing there). I recently was recognized in the customs line at Heathrow airport when I landed back in London from Stockholm, I turned around and said something to the person behind me and she said ‘Oh wow I know you!’ And i thought maybe from high school, turned out she was a big fan of the show and she asked to take a picture, so we ended up taking one under the ‘Welcome to London’ sign.


What do you love most about living in London?

Where do I start?!!  I love how almost everyone you meet has lived or is from somewhere else, it is such a melting pot.  London is such an international city with people always going somewhere and exploring the world.  And it helps with Europe as your backyard, travel around there especially is so easy.  Skiing in Switzerland or Austria in the winter, Marbella or Marrakech for Easter, Ibiza or St.Tropez in the summer and a shopping weekend in Paris anytime is just a 2 hour train ride away.

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