We normally save cocktail recipes for Fridays… however, the weather is warm and the week is long!  So who else needs a Thursday night pick-me-up?  This recipe came to us from the most beautiful Argentinian man you’ve ever seen, who happened to be a bartender at the Ritz in Ft. Lauderdale during our trip in March.  Without further ado… here’s a little drink we like to call Jose’s Love Potion No. 9!

Ingredients {per drink}

 Freshly squeezed juice of one lime | Organic clear agave nectar | Fresh Mint | Three slices cucumber | 3 oz. Hendrick’s Gin | Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Muddle the cucumber and five or six mint leaves along with the freshly squeezed juice of one lime and a teaspoon or so of clear agave nectar in the bottom of a cocktail shaker.  You can also use simple syrup, which is equal parts sugar and water, if you don’t have agave nectar handy.  The cucumber should be well mashed.

Add in the Hendrick’s gin and shake with ice until the cocktail shaker “sweats” and feels nice and chilly.  Then it’s time to serve it up by pouring the strained mixture into a chilled martini glass.

Finally, (trust us!) using a sea salt grinder and a pepper mill, garnish with one hit each of freshly ground salt and pepper.  This makes all the difference.  The salt brings out all the flavors and the pepper adds exciting depth.

Garnish with a cucumber slice, and enjoy what we believe is THE BEST COCKTAIL EVER.  It is the perfect mix of a cucumber martini and a mojito.  Even non-gin drinkers will become fans of Hendrick’s after one of these.

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6 Responses to Jose’s Love Potion No. 9

  1. michelle says:

    oh yeah, I am making one of those right this evening…they look good, I have mint from the garden and I love cucumber…on it!

  2. That looks so refreshing. Slurp!!!

  3. essentjewels says:

    I have the same lime squeezer, this looks divine!

  4. Jorshaq says:

    Looks refreshing!

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