If Helen Berkun looks familiar it’s either because you’re running in some pretty serious fashion circles, or you’ve been keeping up with the blog and remember when she gave us a tour of her home early last month.  You may have noticed that while Helen’s home is the definition of fashionable, there wasn’t a whole lot of fashion included in the home tour.  Well folks, we weren’t holding out on you… we were simply saving the best for last!  Today, the blonde bombshell is taking us inside her closet and dishing on everything from the pieces she plans on passing down to her daughter to where she splurges and when she saves (don’t be fooled by the copious amounts of Hermès… girlfriend loves a deal!)…

What are 5 items every women needs in her closet.

1. A white pant suit. I think black is pretty basic and unless you work in a bank it’s not totally necessary. However a white suit can take you anywhere and everywhere and you’ll always look put together. I also love to separate the jacket from the pants and wear each on it’s own. Finally contrary to popular belief and in our current modern world you can certainly wear white after Labor Day and in Chicago winter months!
2. A pair of dark wash mid rise skinny or slim fit jeans. I’m not a fan of super low waist jeans because even with a perfect body whenever you sit and I can see you crack it’s just not sexy! I also love dark denim, I think it’s slimming and it goes with virtually anything and everything.

3. Red dress! I believe all women already have an LBD but an LRD is way sexier and in my world red and leopard are neutrals.
4.  A perfect fit white tee. It shouldn’t be too tight or too lose and if it fits you great you should buy a couple. I also love a nice v neck that screams boyfriend tee but looks super sexy on a lady!
5.  A motorcycle jacket. They never go out of style, they make you look badass and they keep you warm. Do you need another reason?

How do you decide what to wear each morning?  Do you believe in planning outfits ahead of time, or are you more of a grab-and-go girl? 

Oh yes I definitely plan outfits. I plan outfits for my kids and myself the night before. I also plan outfits for every vacation/business trip. I typically try everything on, with accessories, bag and shoes and then take a photo of the look for my reference. It’s also a good way to keep a track of what may be missing if your luggage is lost. My day to day is not any different. I try on the entire look, the only difference is that I don’t photograph it. I lay it all out complete with accessories and this way the non-morning person in me doesn’t have to run around trying on outfits. My call times are always super early and I’m a mother of two, I have no time to mess around with clothing and I certainly can’t be late to a shoot. So I’m prepped and organized the night before. So are my kids. They know when they get up to brush their teeth and put on what we (together) decided the night prior to wear that day.

Who are your style icons and why?

I’m obsessed with Gwen Stefani, not only because she’s blonde, wears red lipstick, is a supermom and an entrepreneur, but also because the woman has impeccable style. I love her ability to mix patterns and she’s a master with rocking street wear along with glamorous gowns. She’s a very influential person in my life for sure!

What are 3 items in your closet you’ll have forever?

My CHANEL Jumbo, my collection of HERMÉS locks and bracelets, and my McQueen scarves. I may not have these items in my closet forever but they surely will end up in Baby K’s!

Is there anything in your closet that you collect? 

YES! I love HERMÉS and collect their jewelry, scarves, and locks. It’s definitely something I never sell or get rid of, even though I’m an avid seller on eBay. I also recently started collecting the Valentino Rockstud shoes. I’m obsessed with how comfortable they are and how great and versatile they look.

What do you splurge on, and where do you save?

I always splurge on shoes and bags and I always save on clothes. I very rarely have expensive designer clothing. I love trends and unless it’s a classic you better believe it I’ll buy it at ASOS, Forever21 and Zara. I have no problem shopping at those stores and I love the way their clothes fit me. I’m not big on wearing things more then once especially to event or anywhere where I’ll be photographed a lot. So I call this my disposable clothing. I also think everything looks fabulous with a good shoe and a great bag! Don’t get me wrong though, in my day to day life, I wear the same jeans, tee, plaid shirt and a moto jacket over and over and over again!

How do you keep your closet so organized? 

Well the fact that I’m OCD about everything helps! I’m a big clean freak so it’s very rare that you find any part of my home a mess, including my closet. My closet is not huge and I have a lot of stuff so I rotate and sell twice a year on eBay or at consignment boutiques like Luxury Garage Sale. My biggest fear is to look like a hoarder so I like to make room for new things. I hate when a closet is too crammed. Things get lost and if you don’t wear it for over two years get rid of it and buy something new!

What items are you looking forward to breaking out for winter?

Capes, boots and fur!

What are the corner stones of your beauty routine?

Clean skin and facials. Although I don’t always have time for them I do think my skin looks incredible after getting one. When time allows I try to get one once a month or every other month. I also love a little (sometimes too much) spray tan! I feel thiner, refreshed and glowy. Although I try not to look like an Umpa Lumpa, it has happened!

[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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