When decorating your space it is obviously important that it reflects your personality.  We like to find the humor in life, so we also like to find the humor in our decor.  There is nothing worse than a stuffy home.  Adding a touch of fun or irreverence to your design will make you smile on a daily basis and instantly make guests (with a sense of humor) feel at ease.

My favorite infusion of humor at my place is this original Carter Kustera painting of my lab, Lydia.  Does it look familiar?  That’s because Carter’s famous silhouettes and sayings can be found all over the Barney’s and Barney’s Co-Op stores.  However, this well known artist could not be more kind and down-to-earth, a few years ago he patiently worked with me (even on my relatively small purchase) via email to plan this amazing silhouette of Lydia (who was a rescue dog- hence the tagline).  I selected the color, sent lots of pictures, came up with the phrase, and this is the final product in Carter’s amazing signature style.  I love the brush strokes and pencil writing!  While Carter’s paintings are not inexpensive, I found the prices to be incredibly reasonable for such a wonderful piece of original artwork that I’ll treasure forever.  When I have children (years down the road) I can’t wait to have their portraits done!

Looking to add humor to your place?  Here are a few lighthearted favorites from around the web:

  1. Let’s Make Out Pillow
  2. Melting Clock
  3. Puppy Uppers Dog Treat Jar
  4. Coffee Table Book of Failed Exams
  5. Skinny Pillow
  6. Boob Vase
  7. Fish Hotel
  8. Melting Candle Sticks
  9. Call Your Mother Pillow
  10. Shoe Pillow (warning: huge splurge!)

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8 Responses to Humor at Home

  1. LMAO – love the pic of Lydia, but the ‘Puppy Uppers’ has loads of potential next time I go pottery painting!

  2. chloescravings says:

    I’m moving into a new apartment this year, and my roommate is totally witty so these funny designs will be amazeballs. Thank you! I’m from Chicago as well! St Charles!

  3. OMG! I love the painting of your lab! That his hilariously cute! I have a lab mix from the humane society, I must get one of her!!! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. avecelan says:

    I’ve wanted that “skinny” pillow for awhile, now I need the “let’s make out” one too. I love that etsy shop! I also want the “merde” one.

  5. Love the melting Dali clock…and very intrigued by the shoe pillow. Not sure if I would want that on my couch or not, but it’s very interesting!

  6. Marie says:

    All of those items I would love for my home, Maybe not the ‘boob’ vase! lol


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