I think Chicago let out a collective sigh of relief when eDrop-Off owner, former reality TV star, and all around fashionista Corri McFadden revealed that she and her fiance Spiro were expecting a baby girl.  Not that the couple wouldn’t have been equally enthusiastic about boy, but based on the wardrobe this unborn babe has already accumulated it seems only appropriate that Corri has a daughter to dress up.  We caught up with Corri at her Gold Coast condo to see how she’s prepping for baby Zelda’s arrival later this summer.

When it came time to start thinking about her baby girl’s future nursery Corri turned to locally based baby emporium, Land of Nod.  With help from one of Land of Nod’s resident designers, Kimberly Grosser, Corri’s vision for a dream nursery is becoming a reality just in time for Zelda’s mid-July arrival!

Grosser says, “When I first got introduced to the project, Corri had a paint scheme in mind, so we talked about accent colors/textures, and the general feel of the room. She took me on a tour of her & Spiro’s stunning home, which gave me ideas of what they like and what makes home comfortable for them. I selected Land of Nod product and curated it to fit that vision. I also saw how important their two sweet dogs are, Emma & Harley, so I made sure to include a little spot for them in the nursery. After all, Emma thought it was a room designed for her, she never left the room if we were in there!

TCLB:  We love the paint colors [Behr’s Sweet Harbor + Enchanted Evening] in here!  So soothing!  Why lavender?

Corri: I really wanted to stay away from traditional pink if possible and have always been drawn to lavender. When I was at the Land of Nod headquarters and saw the lavender and gray unicorn bedding they were planning for their Fall collection I was sold! Unicorn bedding…really what could be better?

What was it like visiting the Land of Nod headquarters?

Simply Magical! I think one of the biggest fears when you find out your pregnant is that you are going to lose your space to primary color plastic toys! Once I left Nod it gave me a whole new outlook on how chic your home can still be, you don’t even need a kid to work their pieces into your home with how amazing they are!

You just had a baby shower. Any favorite gifts you’ve received to date?

Baby Zelda is already so loved and we are blessed with how many thoughtful gifts we have received, A few of our favorites are a Versace Couture dress, Custom Zelda Kaplan bibs, and a sweet Limoges piece from a friend’s childhood collection.

Do you have any favorite items as the nursery starts to come together?

I am in Love with the entire space, but I do love her acrylic toy wall that we created from three of the “Now You See It” Shelves.  It is a great way to display all of those pieces you want to put on display but don’t want to clutter the space.

How is Baby Z’s wardrobe shaping up?

Very Well To Say The Least!

What are your fiance’s feelings on the nursery?

He is beyond excited! We were sitting in the room the other night and he says “I am 40 years old and I don’t think I have ever had a room this nice and she’s not even born yet!” Which is good since we will be spending a lot of time in there!


Just the details…

Diaper Bag:  Gucci

Stroller:  Orbit G3

Diapers:  The Honest Company

Crib: Land of Nod

Vogue Print: Etsy Illustration

Paint Colors: Behr’s Sweet Harbor + Enchanted Evening

Corri’s Dress (hint: it’s NOT maternity!): Buckley K

[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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    I need to know where those adorable white moccasins with the gold studs are from! Please tell! Too cute!

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