It was both a bummer and a blessing in disguise to be stuck home sick all weekend.  There’s nothing fun about being 7 months pregnant and having the flu, but Peter and I made the most of our low key weekend and I feel confident that things will start to look up this week.

I fell in love with these beautiful handmade caftans on Etsy, with the idea that they’d be perfect for breastfeeding and wearing around the house after bringing baby home from the hospital.  However, they’re also proving to be perfect for lounging around pregnant and made me feel a little better this weekend as I was able to give my pajamas a break and “get dressed” but still be super comfortable.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely Peter’s idea to gather all the blankets and pillows we own and build a fort in the living room.  [For the record- We can’t get enough of these throws, and have collected a basket of them in recent years to ensure we can both simultaneously be wrapped head to toe at any given moment.]  We camped out, had a movie marathon, and agreed that being sick in a blanket fort trumps being sick in bed any day!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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One Response to From the Weekend: Under the Weather

  1. Kathy canham says:

    Sure hope you are feeling better by now!

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