[I was thrilled to finally check out Gather Home + Lifestyle in Wicker Park on Sunday. Everything in the shop is so beautifully curated. Oh, and I’m constantly drooling over their Instagram feed!]

Here’s something I never thought I’d say… Most days I think it’s easier to adjust to having a new baby if we’re out of the house, on the go.  Crazy, right?  A little fresh air just seems to do both of us a world of good!  Of course, I spent a lot of time around the apartment while I was recovering and figuring out how to nurse, but once I started to feel better and get the hang of things we got out and about.  Part of me was worried that if I waited too long to take the little guy around town I’d be too nervous and intimidated to do so when necessary.  It took a bit of confidence building, but these days we’re cruising around and loving city life more than ever.

This weekend alone we met my cousin for some shopping on Michigan Avenue (I can’t say enough great things about the personal shopping services at Topshop), went to a rooftop barbeque, ventured down to Cellular Field for Connor’s first Major League Baseball game (against the Detroit Tigers, of course), checked out some great new shops in Wicker Park and grabbed an early dinner with friends.  If you had told me a couple months ago that we’d be able to do all that, in two days, with a baby in tow- I would have never believed it.  As a result, my Solly Baby Wrap and our Orbit G3 stroller have skyrocketed to the top of my must-have baby products list, two thumbs way up!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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