This weekend things got a little “muddy” and not just because it finally feels like Spring around here!  The only thing better than a quick and affordable beauty treatment is a quick and affordable beauty treatment in the neighborhood.  That’s why I was so excited to check out Mud facial bar this weekend, after it’s recent opening in River North.  If you remember my interview with entrepreneur Shama Patel then you’ll be interested to know that Mud is her latest business venture, and just like her now famous AIR studios Mud is cutting edge and awesome!

The facial studio has been all over the news lately, largely because people are intrigued by their signature breast milk facial, however since I’m trying to think as little about breast milk as possible until it becomes my life in a few weeks, I opted for the “glow” facial and loved it!  The best part was when then massaged a mask into my skin using a set of ice cold cooling globes.  I immediately went home and found these magic gems on Amazon, so we’ll see if I’m able to achieve half of the relaxation or the results at home in between visits- it did wonders for my skin and my sanity!

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