Maybe it’s because I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant, but everything seems to be marked by meals these days… To that effect, this weekend was full of good ones!  We spent Saturday afternoon with family having lunch and celebrating my cousin’s birthday.  She’s getting married this fall so it was very fun to discuss all things wedding related, especially now that our own wedding is well in the rear view mirror.  It’s interesting to look back and think about all the little details I was obsessed with at the time, and what was memorable in retrospect (the people!).  One of the best decisions we made was definitely choosing the right videographers, we re-watch this little clip all the time and are transported right back to the big day!

On Sunday, Peter and I celebrated Easter with some of our best friends.  We had brunch at Mercadito.  I was thrilled that they obliged me in turning some of their awesome cocktails into ‘mocktails’ for the baby, and can’t wait to get back in there for the real thing this summer!  It was such a gorgeous day in Chicago that we headed to the park after brunch and spent most of the afternoon there.  My girlfriend climbed stairs with me, in an effort to keep the baby headed in the right direction… out.  While the guys sat around and discussed “guy stuff” (Game of Thrones, if I had to guess).  Hope everybody has a wonderful week!

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