Before we had a baby I never envisioned us entertaining at home more often after Connor’s arrival than we did prior, but somehow that’s exactly what’s happened.  On one hand our place is a little crazy these days with a baby (not to mention 2 dogs) in the mix, but on the other hand it’s easier for us to stay in than head out most evenings.  Luckily we have awesome friends who embrace the chaos and are always more than happy to show up with wine in hand, and welcome a baby (or huge dog) on their lap.

As a result, we’ve become experts on finding fun recipes that are great for groups.  Friday night we had everybody in the kitchen and homemade gnocchi laid out on every single surface.  I made the dough the night before, and then the mindless work of making and sauteing dumplings was perfect to do with friends and wine.  Saturday was dedicated to football and pulled pork sliders, and Sunday we left the entertaining to others as we headed out for a delicious brunch and birthday party.  What are your favorite things to make when entertaining at home?  Any great recipes for groups?

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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