[Simple styling on a client's kitchen table while we wait for the chairs and art to arrive...]

Last weekend was easily consumed by two things: 1) Getting design clients’ projects up to speed in case this baby arrives sooner rather than later, and 2) The Jinx.  During the days Peter was amazing and humored me by playing assistant at a couple clients’ homes.  It’s getting pretty hard for me to carry things and rearrange furniture at this point in the pregnancy so the extra hands were necessary.  I not so secretly loved having him around to help- it was the best!

In the evenings we were glued to HBO’s 6 part documentary The Jinx.  We spent roughly 6 hours watching it, and probably closer to 16 hours discussing it.  Sunday night we grabbed dinner with friends and were relieved to find out that they were all equally hooked on the series.  The conversation continued, and probably will for sometime as the whole crazy (and incredibly creepy) story continues to unfold in the news.

[Hanging a single mirror behind each nightstand lamp is one of my current favorite tricks...]

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