I hope everybody had a relaxing weekend!  After being out of town the past couple weeks, Peter and I had a great time spending time at home, seeing friends, and enjoying Chicago.

The trend of doing some baby prep over the weekend continued (I swear, we used to party, we really did) as we got serious about getting some sort of glider chair to rock this baby boy in.  I’ve been torn on getting a glider from day one, because we have a really comfy leather chair and ottoman than we’re using in the nursery, and I wasn’t sure we needed anything else.  That being said it seems like there’s not a day the goes by without someone telling us what a lifesaver their glider is, or was, and how you’ll just live in it the first few months.  The compromise?  We decided to get one to put in our bedroom, where he’ll be initially sleeping.  After trips to Land of Nod and GALT baby, we finally found a great deal on one at good old West Elm.  So, that’s one more thing crossed off our baby to-do list.

In between baby stores we had fun stopping in some of our favorite shops, such as Jayson Home (see above) and celebrated a low-key Valentine’s Day at one of our favorite restaurants, Fred’s at Barneys.  We realized this is the 6th or 7th consecutive year we’ve gone to Fred’s on Valentine’s Day, and are pretty pleased that we’ve created a fun little tradition without even trying to.  We also saw both Whiplash and Birdman- both of which are worth watching.  J.K. Simmons and Michael Keaton are out of their minds, and I loved it.  Can’t wait for The Oscars!  What else do I need to watch before the big night?

Have a great week everybody!


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