Peter and I barley left the house this weekend, and it was awesome.  We continued painting the nursery (spoiler alert: it’s white), picked up our new driftwood coffee tables, and generally worked on getting our place back together after it was hit by my “nesting tornado” last week.  We’re waiting until a little closer to spring to start purchasing and organizing a lot of baby items, but it feels good that we’re getting some home improvement projects out of the way while I still have decent energy, and before we have nursery furniture to work around.  Hoping we can put away all the paint/trim/tools in the next week and then revisit the nursery in a month or so when it’s time to decorate and accessorize (I can’t wait!).  Even George and Lydia (the dogs) were happy to just hang out at home this weekend, so happy in fact they even humored us by posing for a few pictures…

Our “bright idea” was to take photos of them with these new over-sized light bulbs we found. Their “bright idea” was to wait for the treats we were bribing them with and then return to their Bravo marathon in the bedroom…

I hope everyone has a great start to the week!

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