Where to begin?  About a month ago I was invited to a luncheon as part of an amazing concept called For Reals MealsFor Reals Meals was created by one of my new favorite Chicago ladies, Jessica Murnane, and her company One Part Plant.  Jessica started One Part Plant after having her own life changed by plant-based eating, and receiving her certification in Plant-Based Nutrition.  Today she runs her business’ website, which she refers to as an “inspiration station for clean eating and a happy head”, while coaching personal clients on nutrition, and partnering with restaurants, hotels, and companies around the country to develop equally healthy and delicious habits.  Yeah, she’s super cool and so inspiring!

While I loved Jessica from the moment I met her, I hadn’t had a chance to indulge in her plant-based eating until recently when I was invited to one of her For Reals Meals.  The concept behind For Reals Meals is a monthly, hosted, plant-based lunch that brings together a diverse and inspiring group of people for REAL food, and REAL conversation.  That’s right… check all ‘crap’ at the door!

The lunch I was lucky enough to attend was hosted by one of my favorite foodies, Elaina Vazquez.  She’s the beauty and brains behind Boutique Bites.  Elaina and Jessica’s guests included: myself, Alexis Cozzini owner of Citizen Stone, Marie Whitney owner of Two Penny Blue, and Marianne Sundquist, who I was thrilled to find out is behind Mess Hall & Co, which makes my favorite mustard and was just picked up by Crate & Barrel!


The food was absolutely delicious!  You can head over to OPP to check out Elaina’s menu, along with some killer recipes, and a full recap of the event.  But as good as the food was, the conversation was even better, and it was just such a pleasure to get to know all these amazing ladies, and hopefully I picked up some (desperately needed) healthy new eating habits along the way!

[Photos By One Part Plant]





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