We made it to Friday!  There were moments this week that it felt like it may never come.  We thought we’d send you off into the weekend with some pretty, pretty pictures from Fleurotica 2013, a recent fundraiser for The Garfield Park Conservatory.  The floral meets fashion fete took place at The Museum of Contemporary Art, and featured 30 designers who created “green” garments from ready-to-wear to avant-garde looks in a haute couture runway show.  Absolutely stunning!  Enjoy the photos, and have a wonderful weekend!


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3 Responses to Fleurotica 2013

  1. Dana Ivy says:

    Amazing pics! As an avid Project Runway watcher, this would be my dream event- wish I knew about it but thx for sharing :)

    Dana Ivy

  2. […] Speaking of flowers, the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago holds a “living fashion” show as an annual fundraising event.  This runway fashion show, known as “Fleurotica”, invites floral designers to create “green” garments ranging from ready-to-wear, to avant-guarde. Read more about this stunning annual event and enjoy some of the awe-inspiring designs! “Fleurotica: 2013″ […]

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