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If you saw our announcement a couple weeks ago, and follow on Instagram you’re probably aware… I’m pregnant.  About 15 weeks along.  While I have no interest in turning this into a pregnancy (or mommy) blog, I’ve been touched by the interest in my current state and thought I’d sprinkle in a pregnancy update here and there for those that are interested or also pregnant.  The good news for the rest of you?  These updates will be few and far between, and nothing in today’s outfit is maternity wear- so shop away!  I bought this dress before I was pregnant, it’s been a lifesaver these first few months, and I plan on wearing it long after baby arrives.

Now, the juicy details.  As things move along in my second trimester I thought it’d be a good time to look back on the first few months.  What a wild ride!  So many things played out differently than I thought.  Here are some of the things that surprised me about my first trimester…

1.  It’s a Surprise! (Whether or Not it Actually Is)- When we started telling close friends and family we were expecting a lot of people asked was it a surprise?- and while, technically the answer is no, I still feel like screaming YES! whenever I’m asked.  You see, while I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to find out I was pregnant, it was still the biggest shock of my life.  I had actually taken a pregnancy test, read it as negative, and thrown it away- only to empty the trash a couple hours later and see it was actually positive!  But that dramatic storyline aside, whether your expecting it or not, I can’t think of anything that’s ever surprised me one tenth as much as finding out about baby.  I was in a state of total shock for about a week (maybe more?) before anything started to sink in.

2.  Morning Sickness- In the Morning, Afternoon and Evening- While I have countless friends who have gotten though pregnancy relatively unscathed by morning sickness, I have not been so lucky.  While we’ve all heard about the nausea that can be associated with pregnancy, I had never really considered the fact that I could be sick around the clock for weeks on end until I was in the middle of it.  It was rough for a while, really rough.  My doctor ending up eventually prescribing medicine that did the trick, and I know every second of sickness will be well worth it, but it was definitely worse than I had imagined and I just didn’t see it coming.

3.  Mom Jeans- Literally- I pictured myself cruising through a couple trimesters in my regular clothes and grabbing a pair of maternity jeans in 6 months.  Wrong!  Everybody’s different, but for me, even before there was a defined baby bump things were changing and my pants got TIGHT!  Now there is nothing more uncomfortable than tight pants, and being any more uncomfortable than you have to be when you’re pregnant is just silly.  I spent about a week being uncomfortable, self-conscious, and all around cranky- and then despite thinking it was “too early” for maternity clothes I bought a pair of James Jeans (Maternity Options Here) for a steal on GILT.com and my life was changed!  The moral of the story?  You’re going to need a few larger items eventually so you might as well grab a couple things early, make yourself comfortable, and really get your money out of them.

4.  Blue or Pink- Sooner Than You Think!- From the second we found out I was pregnant my husband and I were dying to know the gender.  It’s not that we cared one way or another, actually, I was surprised by the fact that once I was pregnant it was literally impossible to have a preference.  You already love the baby so much that it just doesn’t matter one bit.  That being said- we were curious, and couldn’t stand referring to the baby as “it”.  The surprise came at the end of the first trimester when we found out that the new genetic tests that tell you the baby is healthy (talk about the best phone call EVER!) also reveal the baby’s gender (with over 99% accuracy) sooner than we ever thought possible.  I would go as far as to say that finding out if we were having a son or a daughter trumped even our wedding as the most special moment Peter and I have shared to date.  It instantly connected us to the baby, and the picture of our future family became that much more clear- Best. Feeling. Ever.  Keep an eye on the blog, and on Instagram… We’re getting SO excited to share our gender reveal soon!  Blue or Pink- What do you think?

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[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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3 Responses to First Trimester Recap

  1. You are gorgeous. Keep healthy.

  2. Kathy canham says:

    Recent studies in the media have suggested that morning sickness results in very healthy babies! Couldn’t be happier for you both. Congratulations

  3. Anne says:

    The feeling of excitement and a little bit of consciousness… :) I remember that moment!

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