A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our favorite west coast bloggers, Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior, at the Vertigo Sky Lounge.  Jacey, who went to college in Chicago, was back in the Windy City for the Simply Stylist panel, which she sat on along with her close friend, Catt Sadler.  Amelia couldn’t wait to grab a seat at the bar, and get to know the beauty behind the blog…

Welcome back to Chicago!  We know you’ve spent time here, but you’re not originally from here, are you?

I am from a very small town in South Texas, near Corpus Christi.  My parents grew up there, my grandparents grew up there, I love it.  My Dad is a cotton and grain farmer, and farming has been in our family for over 150 years!

A farmer’s daughter?  We love it!  So when did you live in Chicago?

I moved here right after high school for college at DePaul.  My Aunt, Celeste had a store right on Armitage at the time, called Celeste.  Chicago was the only big city I’d ever visited outside the state of Texas.  I came here to visit her, loved Chicago, loved her store- it felt like a small town, but it was a big city.  I just absolutely love it here!  Every time I come back it feels like home.  I went for a run yesterday, and it felt like I still lived here.  This city always welcomes you back with open arms, you know?

So true!  What are some of your favorite Chicago spots?  What’s on the agenda for the rest of your weekend?

I haven’t lived here in 6 years, but when I did live here… I’m a big foodie, so definitely Portillo’s. My college bar hang out was McGee’s.  I really like shopping on Armitage and Oak Street.  Now, we’re going to RPM tomorrow night, I hear good things!  It’s fun to come back to Chicago because there are always new places, but there’s still a charm like everything’s been here forever.

Definitely.  You’ll love RPM!  Now, from one style blogger to another… what are you wearing?

I’m wearing a BCBG skirt, a theory peplum top, Valentino heels, and a Chanel bag.  Oh, and my baubles are vita fede.

I always love asking other bloggers, why did you start your site?

It started out as a hobby, and then I just saw my readership slowly climbing and it’s turned into what it is now.  I’m very, very blessed!  I’ve always been a writer.  I’ve always kept a journal.  I have an old vintage suitcase in my office that has all my journals in i!  So my blog is kind of a bigger journal… with pictures!

What makes Damsel in Dior unique?

What makes my blog different is that it’s mine.  I think whatever you’re doing becomes yours.  You have to love what you’re doing!

We couldn’t agree more!  Thanks, Jacey!

[Photos by Natalie Probst]

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11 Responses to Damsel in Dior does CHICago

  1. Love Damsel in Dior – definitely one of my favorite blogs! Great interview:) xx

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this!! Great interview. She is so cool, isn’t she? I loved her on the panel, but I REALLY loved her in her breakout session. She’s so transparent and sweet- really everything I wanted her to be! Plus, she looked amazing. Not like that’s a surprise :)

    • thechicagolifeblog says:

      Thanks for reading! She’s very cool! Wish we had heard her breakout session- sounds amazing! xx

  3. Dana Ivy says:

    Seems like you two hit it off! You both seem totally down to earth and just, well, cool :) Also, LOVE Jacey’s BCBG skirt- so freaking cute!

    Dana Ivy
    http://www.iadorewhatilove.com – Check out my (Chicago) blog!!

    • thechicagolifeblog says:

      So sweet, Dana! We did hit it off! It was very fun chatting with her. Cute blog yourself! xx

  4. Jennie says:

    Amelia – LOVE your blazer! Nice post on Damsel in Dior, too! I really enjoyed her breakout session at Simply Stylist.


    • thechicagolifeblog says:

      Why, thank you! It was a good Zara find ; )

      We were sad to miss her breakout session- glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Thank you for sharing!!

  6. [...] A few weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing Catt Sadler of E! News at the Simply Stylist event held at the beautiful Vertigo Sky Lounge. Along with Catt, I also photographed the lovely Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior chatting it up with Amelia of The CHICago Life Blog. Jacey (a DePaul Grad!) talks fashion, her blog, and what she loves about the windy city. Check out more photos and the full interview here!  [...]

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