While I’m home getting used to being a new mom, it seemed like the perfect time to circle back to a feature we started last summer… At the time, entrepreneur Corri McFadden was pregnant with her daughter Zelda and working with Land of Nod to design her nursery.  She showed us sketches of the design plan, clothes waiting to be hung in Zelda’s closet, and the baby products she was stock piling in anticipation of baby’s arrival.  These days, Corri is back to work on multiple business ventures, Zelda is on the verge of walking, and the nursery is completely finished and totally adorable!  Hallie and I recently stopped by her home for a tour of the nursery, hugs from Zelda, and answers to some of my burning questions regarding her experience, thus far, with motherhood.

What has surprised you most about becoming Zelda’s mom? 

How much love you can have instantly for someone you just met!


As your friend, I’ve heard you talk about her birth and everything about it sounds so peaceful and amazing, not at all stressful like you see in TV and movies.  What advice to you have for someone preparing to deliver?

My best tip is too create a fun and relaxing environment. Delivering is already intimidating enough, so I wanted to create a totally mellow vibe by adding comforts of home to put me at ease. I had a custom- made delivery gown and brought my own unicorn pillow, because there’s nothing like having your own pillow when you are out of your comfort zone! I had the most amazing doula and brought Sprinkles cupcakes for the whole staff, you want happy people around you when you deliver! My good friend is a videographer and she filmed the entire experience so I wouldn’t miss a moment. [You can actually watch the beautiful video here on Corri’s site! And no, it’s not at all graphic.] I also brought my own music playlist to set the mood; it was a small party in the delivery room!


[Birth Photo by Hallie Duesenberg for GlitterandBubbles.com]

The nursery turned out beautifully!  Do you have a favorite spot or item in it?  Does Zelda?

There are too many elements of the nursery that I love to pick just one, but if I had to choose one aspect it would be her gallery wall. This was one area in her nursery that allowed me to add a bit of my own personality. I think Zelda’s favorite spot would be her reading chair. We spend a lot of mommy – daughter time here and we even added a pouf for my Yorkies Harley and Emma to join us!

What have been your must-have baby products since welcoming Zelda?

Everyday I wonder how does such a tiny being require so much STUFF?! Below is a rundown of some of my favorite “Must Have” products I would tell any parent to purchase!

  1. Diapers: Honest Company
  2. Dry Skin/Diaper Rash: Aquaphor
  3. Clean That Nose: Nose Frida (When I first saw this product it literally made my stomach turn because it looks DISGUSTING, but I must say it’s not bad and works awesome!
  4. Stroller: Orbit G3 (This stroller is worth EVERY penny!!)
  5. Bath Time: Boon Colapsable Tub, Wash With Water Bath Products and Munchkin toys
  6. Pacifier: Wubbanub (This pacifier is calming and become their best friend, we have only had one pacifier since Zelda was born, how we have not lost it I have no idea but its considered “Gold” in our home.
  7. Baby Basics: Monica & Andy Infant Wear
  8. Décor: Everyone knows I am OBSESSED with Land of Nod but how can you not be?! Their items incorporate so easy into the home
  9. PJ’s: Hanna Anderson
  10. Swing: Mamaroo

What can you tell us about your latest project, Glitter and Bubbles?  It’s darling!

I was inspired to create Glitter and Bubbles during my pregnancy because I wanted to share my tips and experiences with other moms. Glitter and Bubbles is a chic modern-day mom guide for those looking for inspiration through fashion, décor and food. I wanted to create a site for the kind of mom who likes to wear leather to the playground and don’t necessarily go the “traditional” child route with décor. I am also launching Glitter and Bubbles Mom’s Crew so stay tuned!

I love seeing Zelda on Instagram wearing all the outfits we photographed laid out when you were still pregnant!  How is her wardrobe shaping up these days?  Do you have any favorite shops and brands for her? 

I am obsessed with dressing Zelda; I think baby clothes theses days are darling! Unfortunately, she grows so fast it’s hard to keep her in any one outfit for very long. A couple of my favorite choices include Freshly Picked Moccasins, which range in sizes from infant to toddler. They are so cute and extremely easy to put on her tiny feet! Another favorite is Psychobaby; they have great graphic tees with a “Rocker Chic” flare for kids. I also can’t get enough of Marie Chantal’s beautiful dresses for Zelda’s ultra feminine side.

I have also started reselling her items on Instagram “@ZeldasCloset”.

What are your favorite places and activities to visit with Zelda around the city?

I try to take Zelda with me to as many outings as possible, and one of our current favorite spots is teatime at The Langham Chicago hotel. The Langham really caters to children and even has special suite filled with toys! Not to mention the Spa is OUT of this world, so Dad can swim with your little babe why you get pampered.

Zelda also Loves the Lincoln Park Zoo, since she was born she has been going to see Mr. Singer who performs weekly. We also just started swim lessons at Foss Swim school which is such a fun weekly bonding activety!

You’ve already taken a few trips with Zelda, any tips for traveling with a baby?

Oh, I love this subject! Zelda and I just took our first solo trip together to New York Fashion Week to attend the Christian Sirano show. This was the first time I was traveling with her with her sans Dad or nanny. A few baby travel tips: invest in a good travel stroller that collapses easily and can carry a large load without tipping over. No one likes a sick baby, so I swipe a bit of Neosporin under Zelda’s nose to protect her against air-born germs. Also, bring an arsenal of plastic baggies filled with everything from small toys to snacks; this will keep them both entertained and fed. Just enjoy yourself, don’t let someone who is upset when your child is crying make you upset, Babies cry and they will get over it!

How has your personal style changed (or has it?) since becoming a mom?

My number one fashion goal during my pregnancy was to try and maintain my personal style as much as my body would allow me. I like to define my style as “Rocker Chic.’ I’ve kept up with that same style while I was pregnant, and now as a new mom. I try to rock my black denim and leather to the playground as much as possible!

You look amazing!  Any tips for loosing the baby weight?

I really beat myself up for a couple months after Zelda because I had envisioned a Hollywood bounce back but once I put into perspective I had just created a human and I’m not Madonna it got much easier!

It’s all about healthy dieting, and most of all, patience. After you have a baby, your body doesn’t automatically bounce back to how you looked nine months prior. I still wore my maternity clothes for a couple weeks after Zelda’s birth because it takes your body time to adjust. I make a little progress everyday and to me that’s a success.

You’re always juggling a million different business ventures and projects at once (and making it look flawless) anything exciting on the horizon? 

This past fall we just launched a brand new e-commerce site called The Collection by eDrop-Off. The Collection sells luxury items at fixed prices, with new 100% merchandise every 2-3 weeks. It’s a great, new outlet for us in addition to our eBay auction platform on eDrop-Off. There are some fun things on the horizon!

[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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